Sunday, January 12, 2014

Super Simple Homework Organizer

Santa is a wise man.  He must have known that my children fought all the time over homework supplies such as pencils, paper, crayons, etc.  He must also have known that finding pencils and a pencil sharpener were a challenge due to a certain individual, JoJo who steals misplaces aforementioned items.  Luckily, he brought each boy an organizer, which I found you can also purchase at Target.  He filled it with markers, crayons, a notebook, mechanical pencils, and an eraser for each boy.  I also might have threatened  warned my three children that if they remove any of the items for use other than homework they will be in big trouble. 
I was also lucky enough to have three shelves in the kitchen where I can keep these organizers.  
It's worked out very well.  The kids haven't touched the supplies unless it was for homework.  They like getting their box and bringing it to the table.  I also started putting important papers in the large slot with the notebooks (as you can see from the top photo).  That way the boys can put them in their backpacks and turn them in.  

There you have it. A super simple organization idea for homework!  Thanks, Santa.

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