Friday, January 3, 2014

Call Me Crazy...Project Life

Call me crazy, but I've decided to do the full, entire Project Life.  That means 52 weeks of a project!  Yikes!!!

I purchased the Honey Addition Project Life Kit by Becky Higgins, and the big box of page protectors to get started.  I decided to do this for a few reasons.  One, last year, I did hardly anything in the Craft/Memory Keeping Realm.  Two, I didn't take very many pictures of my family last year.  It was very sad to go back this winter and put pictures into our annual photo book to see that I really skimped out.  Three, 2011 I did Project Life on a monthly scale.  I was so glad to go back and see those pictures in the album.  I'm focusing this year on really documenting, creating, and photographing.  Those things make me very happy inside.  When I don't do it, it just feels wrong.  I guess they are my stress outlet.  I'm keeping in mind my word "Change."  There will be a lot of change this year.  I want to document it.

How I will organize my Project Life.  

If you are going to do this, then I would suggest a schedule.  I'm scheduling a ton of things this year.  Master calendar, scheduler, me.  That's the new me.  Haha.  Anyhow, every Friday, I will upload all photos taken from my phone and personal photos from my camera.  I will have them printed and ready to pick up so that I can pick them up and have the weekend to work on Project Life.  I am hoping/praying/cross your fingers going to post the pictures each Wednesday.  That should give me enough time to finalize the layouts and photograph them.  If I make any silhouette cut files, I will have them ready for you to download either that day, or the next.

So, I guess that's it.  This year I am going to focus on this blog and my photography.  I really want to grow in my photography creatively.  If you are doing Project Life, by all means share your blog in the comments.  I will be happy to post it in one of my posts.  I'm also going to use Instagram to document my Project Life as well.  

Good Night!

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