Tuesday, March 29, 2011

12x12 Layout

Cardstock and letters are American Crafts, Patterned Paper is Cosmo Cricket

Very simple layout.  No embellishments just some 2x2 squares and pictures.  I scraplifted this from a Creating Keepsakes issue.  February's maybe?  I don't remember.  But, you must give credit where it's due.

Well, I guess we're all finally getting over our recent bout of illness.  I'm really tired because I stayed up late watching "All Worked Up."  It's a show on Tru TV that is fake.  This stuff has to be staged.  Anyway, I couldn't tear my eyes away from it.  I compare it to Jerry Springer.  You just can't keep yourself from looking.  I'll try to make it an early night tonight.  

I'm feeling a little creative today.  Maybe I'll make a few cards.  I haven't done that in awhile, unless you include the 45 cards I just made for a friend.  I do need to get some birthday cards going, though.  Tomorrow is my father-in-law's birthday and my brother's birthday.  No plans so far, but I'm sure my husband will come home and tell me some elaborate event has been planned.  One that he was supposed to tell me a few days ago, but forgot.  I love it when that happens.  No, actually, I don't mind.  And it will save us from a wonderful dinner of Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup if we do.  Wow this post has taken a turn for the worst.  So, I will end it.  Have a good evening.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Heart Faces/Slice of Life

This week's theme at I Heart Faces is slice of life.  This photo was taken 2 years ago when my boys were playing in the backyard.  Please note Maddox's long sleeves and pants.  He was opposite boy this year.  He would dress in winter clothes during the summer and summer clothes during the winter.  It was a weird faze.  Anyway they were walking around the backyard and I kept telling Maddie to take him across the yard so I could take their picture.  Maddie was talking to JoJo and telling him what to do.  All of the sudden, Maddie turns around and says, "JoJo is listening to me.  He's my friend."  That was one of the cutest moments of parenthood I've ever had.  It was so sweet how Maddie was taking him around gently, and talking to him.  And how he finally decided that JoJo was his friend.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

This Week...

This week has been...


blanket covered
pajama wearing...

...and not at all how I thought it would go.  But, it'll get better :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick So Why Not Do Some Online Shopping?

Hi everyone.  We've been very sick around here.  We have Strep Throat.  I've been laid out for the last three days.  Today is the best day I've had.  I've been busy trying to catch up on laundry and disinfecting the house.  This has definitely not been the Spring Break I planned.  I do think I must have had this for a while because I have felt so fatigued lately.  I feel less tired than I have in a while.  I have to take Maddie to the doctor at 1:15 today for a Strep Test.  He's the only one that hasn't been tested, but I'm pretty sure he has it.  He has no fever, but his throat is swollen and his voice sounds funny like the rest of us.  That will make 4 out of 5 of us.  I think Erik should get a Strep Test as well just as a precaution.  I do plan on posting more layouts, I just have to find the time.  So, bare with me.  I really hope you are all doing well.  In the meantime, check out some of these cute new products available on my Memory Works Website  You have to go and see the rest.  There is some really cute stuff.  I think that this is bad news for my husband.

New Basic Grey

New Crate Paper

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break...and a Layout

Supplies:  I don't remember, but some were from a MW Kit

I'm on Spring Break!  Yay.  I've been so tired lately.  I haven't been able to fall asleep at night.  Partly is due to books I've been reading until well past midnight.  We're not going anywhere so my plans are to rest and clean up around the house.  I also want to get my car cleaned.  I can't stand it.  I think I have good news to report...My palm tree may be alive after all.  I think I see some green!  We had the coldest weather here this year.  It broke 65 year old records.  More about it here.  

Well, have a great weekend if I don't post again until Monday!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A 2 Page Layout

Memory Works Express January

What a miracle!  I posted a scrapbook layout.  Please do not fall out of your office chairs.  We had quite a busy weekend.  2 birthdays, my grandfather and Erik's grandfather.  I definitely did not get as much housework done that I would have liked to.  Oh, well.  Maddie is complaining of a sore throat and has a fever.  Why can't we be well for one whole week?  I had a stomach bug this week.  Well, enjoy your week.  I hope to post some more layouts this week!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New CHA Products!!!

Here are just a few of the new products available on my website.  I love the new Cosmo Cricket stuff.   Please visit my website to order!  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Way off Topic

I went for a photo shoot yesterday, and these are just 2 of the photos I took.  All of the photos came out so beautifully.  It makes me so happy to be able to capture these pictures.  I just had to share them.  I did not take any pictures of my layouts.  Shame, Shame, on me.  Especially, since this is a scrapbooking blog.  Please bare with me, I promise I'll share.  I hope you enjoy these.  On a totally unrelated topic...I can't wait for the Celebrity Apprentice tonight.  It sure looks interesting.  I love Donald Trump.  I had to grow up listening to his book on tape...him and Zig Zigler...Thanks, Dad.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Simple Stories is Now Available

It's exciting and It's finally here.  The new line of Simple Stories is available for purchase!!!!  Go to my website to order!


On another note, I know I've been  MIA a lot.  I've been really busy.  I did have a great time at my weekend crop, I just need to photograph my layouts.  I'll be sure to share some with you shortly.  I hope you are all doing well.  I have a photo shoot tomorrow, so that is exciting!


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