Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year...and one little word.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

I hope you had a great New Year's Eve.  

I don't know if you all remember, but last year 2013, I chose the word "Balance."  I feel that I worked a little towards that with our family.  It was such a trying year last year.  It took some big adjustments on my part.  I had a really tough class, and it took time adjusting to Erik's schedule. 

This year, my word is:


Change, I'm not big on change.  In fact, I actually hate it.  I have been ordering the same food item from La Posta since I was two or three years old.  That means every time I step foot in the restaurant I order The Rolled Taco plate order of three, whole beans, with no coleslaw.  Really, I'm not going to be changing my order.  However, I am so ready for change.  

Erik and I always thought of our home and the town we live in as a stepping stone, something that would be temporary.  We never made our house now, or the town for that matter a real home.  We had plans to move back to our hometown.  We had plans to leave this house.  Ten years later, we are still here.  This year, we are going to sell our house.  A house we love, by the way, but its time for CHANGE.  Erik and I feel that we have been stuck in a rut.  We are in a financial rut, we are in a social rut, we are just in a damn rut all around.  

There have been a few events leading up to this conclusion.  First of all, Erik and I decided we were going to stay here at our house and make it what we wanted.  We kept the walls a neutral color for all of these years because we were going to sell it.  We never put a lot of us into it.  We had purchased a lot about 6 or so years ago that we were going to move to.  It was never the right time to move, so we just held on to the lot.  We finally decided that we would rather stay here and sell the lot.  Well, due to the horrible economy, that can't happen.  The lot prices have been drastically cut.  By drastic I mean, practically in half.  I'm not interested in losing that much money.  Call me crazy.  We also need to reset a few things financially.  Erik took a massive paycut a few years ago.  Paying so much on two properties is no longer feasible.  I would like to be able to take nice vacations with my kids, or even take them to the zoo for that matter.  I would like to buy some new shoes...since they have all been destroyed by our lovely dog, Mazzie.

While in the thought process of selling our house, Erik and I have had many discussions.  I've been purging a lot of things.  I don't want to take a lot to the new house.  Erik and I really just want to start over.  We are thirty plus years old.  I still have my parent's furniture in my bedroom and some for the boys.  Let's not count that Maddie is using my dresser from childhood that I inherited from my brother Kriss.  I am ready for a change so badly.  I don't care if we have bean bags or air mattresses.  I want our stuff to fill our house, not someone else's.  

The other thing that brought about CHANGE is that Erik and I stumbled upon this really amazing property.  The house is not amazing, but the property is.  Anyhow, while we were looking through the house something hit me.  I told Erik, "This house is for entertaining." That's when I realized we had no actual friends for entertaining.  I mean we have friends.  However, my most precious friends live out of town.  My really good friend just moved to Colorado.  So, we have no close friends that live in the same state.  I'm ready to embrace that side of things. We never made a huge effort to meet people and the like because we didn't plan on staying here.  For that matter, a lot of people are stuck up snobs in this town.  I'm willing to look for and change things to meet nice, new friends.

So, there it is in a nutshell.  I'm ready for change.  I'm ready to embrace something different.  

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