Sunday, January 5, 2014

Real Food Update

 Last night's dinner:  Homemade Pizza-Crust is from the 100 Days of Real Food Recipe Index
I haven't updated about our Real Food diet lately.  That doesn't mean we aren't still on it.  Of course it was  a little harder during the holidays, but we dealt with it.  You may remember this photo I took of Christmas Eve...
As you can see there is nothing real about that food except the Veggie Tray.  I ate a ton of the vegetables, and maybe a piece or two of the pumpkin roll (I made it with organic pumpkin.ha).  I ate several of the Crescent rolls I made with cream cheese, cheese, and shredded chicken, all processed goodness.

As we celebrate holidays or birthdays, or go about our lives in general, I refuse to limit my children's food choices outside of the home.  I don't want them to feel they are missing out on the cupcakes or sodas on special occasions.  I don't mean they should gorge themselves with sweets and sodas, because they don't.  I just don't want them to think eating healthy all of the time is a chore and boring and horrible overall.  I want them to have some choice in what they are eating while I continue to educate them at home about healthy foods.  I can already see a difference in their eating behaviors and food choices.  Maddie is pretty good about eating RF.  When we go out to eat, he orders tea instead of soda.  Wolfie has turned out to be quite the vegetable eater.  He likes broccoli, green beans, loves spinach, and tries other foods without gagging, or being rude.  That's a huge step.  All of the boys eat a ton of salad when I serve it with dinner.  They eat the homemade granola.  I had to change the recipe a bit and remove some of the nuts from it.  JoJo loves his smoothies and has to have one every morning.  Even Wolfie drinks smoothies for breakfast.

Since starting, I've only brought RF into our home with the exception of the holidays.  On Christmas Day, we did eat only RF.  People were a little upset about the green bean casserole, but I made some yummy greens beans instead.  I will post the recipe later this week for you.  Every New Years Eve, I make hot fudge sundaes using my grandmother's recipe.  I did buy some Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream because I was afraid the homemade ice cream would melt too quickly.  I also bought Cool Whip to top it.  Other than that, that's all that's come into our home.

So, there you have it.  I will post later this week with my recipe for green beans.  I'm such a chef.  Haha.  Just kidding.  Have a great Sunday.  I'm off to work tomorrow.  Sigh....

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