Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Frosty Fall is Here...and a November Sneak Peek

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Well, fall has officially blown in with chilly weather. I can't believe how incredibly fast October has gone by. The kids are ready for Halloween. Wolfie is going to be a Clone Trooper, Maddox is going to be a vampire, and JoJo is going to be a skeleton.
Sorry for the long absence. We have been so busy around the house. As you all know, I redid the craft room. After that we moved to JoJo's room. We got his bed and toys in. Now all we need to do is paint, and get accessories. I'll post pictures when that happens. Don't hold your breath. You might have to wait awhile. After JoJo's room, we moved to the garage. We cleaned it out and now we are ready for a yard sale. We'll have to try and fit that in between soccer games. Thank goodness we got the garage clean right before the freezy weather hit.
The month of November, I hope to be posting more. I have just been soooo busy. Soccer will be over soon, and that means more time for me to get stuff done. In November, I will post ideas for an album all about you. Also, I will post some cute gift and card ideas to help you prepare this holiday season. If you know anyone who is interested in purchasing a custom scrapbook, handmade cards (Christmas, Thanksgiving), let them know about me or send me an email. I will post some of the products and prices soon.
Good Evening.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A few things...

Happy Sunday.
First things first: We moved the craft room to the dining room. Yes, this was the original plan many moons ago (for those of you who know what I'm talking about). Well, we packed up all of the crystal and other items in the china cabinent. Let me just say. I absolutely love my new room. There are a few pictures of what I have done so far. But, as I progress, I will upload more. There is tons more space. I already told Erik that when we move I want more built in cabinents and that I will be keeping the china cabinent. Here are a few things I learned about Craft Room organization.

1. I have too much blue stuff. Blue ribbon, blue buttons, blue paper.

2. Thank god for organization. I had most of my stuff already organized so it wasn't that difficult to transfer it to a new space. Place all of the things you use most often near you.

3. I don't need any more ribbon. I have so much ribbon it's ridiculous. Maybe if I had other colors besides boyish blues, tans, and browns.
4. I am so glad that now my sewing machine is more handy. I think I will finish Maddie's quilt, and start adding stitching to my scrapbook pages.
5. I'm thankful for my husband. He is always very supportive of me, in whatever I need. He wanted me to have a nice place for my stuff. (Perhaps, he is feeling guilty about the gigantic elk mount :)
Onto other news, I am selling Halloween Cards. They are $3 a piece, or 6 for $15. I will also be making Christmas Cards. I am expecting my order to arrive on Monday so I can make some to show you. I also have a list of items I will sell, or make for the Holiday Season, and I will post that later.
Tomorrow, I have to go back to school...sigh. I am dreading it. If only Fall Break could last forever. I wish I wasn't so burned out.
One other thing...I will be posting montly ideas for making a scrapbook about you. I think it's very important to document stuff that you enjoy, or your beliefs. I look in my kids' scrapbooks, and I don't have very many pictures of me in it. I think that's a mistake. I know that of all the people in this world, I wish I had pictures of... my great-grandmother, Elizabeth. She was the matriarch of the family, and many people looked up to her. I wish I could have met her, or had some insight to who she was and what she believed. Apparently, she was quite the lady, politically, and socially. I think we need to leave our mark behind for future generations. Well, I leave you with that. Enjoy what is left of your Sunday. I am looking forward to HBO Sunday. Curb your Enthusiasm, and Bored to Death. Those shows are hilarious.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Success!!!! And the winner is....

Maddie hiding in the bushes

So finally after many attempts, Erik has managed to get his first elk! We went up to Carrizozo. I'll give you a brief recap of the events.
Night 1: We're all sleeping when I wake up and think our chairs are on fire. I smelled burning rubber and I thought what else could it be but our chairs. I look up but I don't see any orange outside. Well, I'll go back to sleep, I think. Then someone says a skunk sprayed. My allergies went crazy. It was so horrible. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't stop sneezing, and my nose was running. Apparently, I'm allergic to skunks.
Night 2: Mr. Skunky returns. I was so exhausted from the previous night's lack of sleep I didn't hear anything at all. Until some yells, "There's something in the food." My first thought was a bear. "I think it's that skunk, again," someone says. So, Erik got up and knocked on the door. Then he opened it and saw the skunk run off. Apparently, skunks enjoy Doritos and bread, but are not fans of tortillas.
The following day Erik and Rolf went off early to hunt. Erik returns about 8:30 or 9:00 by himself and says, "Dad twisted his knee, again." Not funny. Then he says not really. I shot an elk we need the 4-wheeler. Erik shot the elk and it headed up into the trees and they couldn't find it. So they wanted to take Fanci (the miniature Schnauzer) to track the elk. We had to load up to take the truck and the 4 wheeler. We got to the top and Wolfie says, "What about my shoes?" I swear I could kill that kid. I started ranting about hating shoes. Because I really do. How hard is it to keep track of them? Why would you leave anywhere without your shoes? I do not understand this. We had to hike a mile through the brush to get to the spot where Erik shot the elk. So Wolfie had to ride the 4-wheeler. I was a nervous wreck because it's rough terrain. We finally get to the spot where they shot the elk. Rolf takes Fanci up towards the trees and Kelli decides to look around the bottom of the hill, where she finds the elk. Somehow it went up into the trees and back down without anyone noticing. So basically, Rolf and Erik searched for over an hour and the elk was about 75-100 feet from where they shot it.
So now, we have like 400lbs of meat. We took it to get processed. It better be good because we're going to have to eat it anyway. If it works out, I won't need to buy meat for another year.
All in all, we had a fun time. I'm glad Erik finally got something.
Also, as promised, the winner of the layout contest is......Senika! Congratulations! I will email you the information. Thanks, everyone who participated. I really truly appreciate it. Everyone have a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Fiesta!

Right now, I should not be posting. I should be packing and doing laundry. We will be going hunting for the weekend. I'm so excited...yeah! (Note Sarcasim). It's not that I don't want to go, because I do. I just don't feel like doing anything to get ready for it. I am so tired this week. Tomorrow is our Fall Fiesta at school where I get to stand outside all morning and watch the kids run around like crazies, and somewhere in between run a booth. This is not going to be fun.
Wow, I'm a downer. On happier a note, I get to stay home for a week!! Hopefully after camping, I will get some scrapbooking done. I will announce the layout winner in my next post. That will be either Monday or Tuesday.
I guess that I should go pack. I am preheating the oven so I can put the frozen pizza in it. See how responsible I am? Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Visit From the Tooth Fairy and a Fall from the Ladder

So how is everyone doing? I have a few random items to post...again. First, as you can see from the picture above that Wolfie lost his first tooth. Of course, I made a dentist appointment to have it pulled the day before. He wiggled it from dinner until 9:30...when it finally came out. The Tooth Fairy came and she left $2, a note, and some fairy dust. All Wolfie said was, "Is that it!!" I couldn't believe it. I was so excited about the Tooth Fairy to come for the first time, with her fairy dust and all. I told him he better be greatful because all I got was 25 cents for each tooth. Little Brat.
Today, Maddie woke up with croup. So he went to work with Daddy where he subsequently fell off the ladder. He has a big knot on his head, a scraped up elbow, and a injured hand. He's pretty whiney. Poor thing. I have to sit with him. He's calling me now. I told Erik to take him to my Grandmother's house so she could watch him. See, he should have listened.
Onto other news. I will announce the winner of the layout contest soon. I am rounding up a 3rd judge. As soon as that happens, I will announce the winner. We are going hunting this weekend. If no one is croupy. Otherwise, it's off. I have got to go 2/3 of my children are crying. Good Night.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October

Layout #1 submitted by Senika

Layout #2 submitted by Melissa

Layout #3 submitted by Pam

Happy October. Halloween is not that far off. Time will quickly fly. It is time to get costumes and decorate my house for Halloween. How quickly this year has gone by. For me, once the Holidays start approaching, the year goes by even faster. I would like to thank the three ladies that sent me their wonderful layouts for the September Layout Contest. The winner will be announced later this week. I am going to pick a panel of neutral judges to decide the winner. Well, I'm off to finish dinner and clean up my house. I think I found a few pigs hiding out (in reference to the book, Pig Sty) Enjoy your evening. I will post again later this weekend. Hopefully I will have some new layouts to share.


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