Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our Dam Walk Photos

Who doesn't love a play on words, especially since the word is dam?  I mean I could make a million dam references, regarding photos, walking, fishing, food, etc.  Anyhow, yesterday, we traveled to the lake to walk across the Elephant Butte Dam.  The Dam has been closed down since September 11, 2001 aka 9/11.  As kids, my parents would take us across the dam all of the time.  My dad would hold us on the wall, not like a Michael Jackson dangling or anything, so we could see.  As a kid, you never appreciate things until they are gone.  We have so many dam stories.  Hahaha.  So the dam was opened up for the second time since 9/11.  We decided to take the boys so they could see the dam.  So here are a few dam photos.  I have more, but I didn't feel like processing them all.  I was just dam tired and dam lazy.  Okay, I'll stop.  We all dam well know, I could keep going ;)

 I love how they rhymed this sign.  It's been up for at least 35 years.  It was up when I was a kid.

 Looking over the edge

 The whole Dam Family

 The spillway

 View of the Butte
 The people, and my two monkeys on the sides of the dam.

 Me...and Erik totally had me in focus.  This is an achievement for him!

One of the lights with know I love sunflare.

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