Monday, November 28, 2011

My (Blog) Reading List

Hi everyone!  I'm sure I've talked about it before, but I LOVE blogs.  I mean, I really do.  I love to hear about different people and their experiences in life.  Each day I come home and read.  It is my time to unwind before the craziness of dinner, laundry, cleaning, dishes, homework, and 100 other things begin.  I wanted to share my daily reads.  Some are scrapbook related, and others are photography related, and some are a little of both or none at all.

Stephanie Howell:  Beautifully written and crafty
Kayla Aimee:  Chronicles of this crazy girl (I mean that with the utmost respect) and her micro preemie, Scarlette who is now 1!
Cathy Zielske:  Digital and Hybrid Craftiness plus her great personality.  I think we would be friends in real life...I'm not stalking her or anything...I promise.
Kelle Hampton:  Pure Beauty...wonderful pictures and stories of her life with her two children
Bobbi and Mike:  Photography Inspiration 101
Dear Lizzy:  Beautiful girl, beautiful pictures, beautiful crafts
Crave Photography:  Beautiful photos and beautiful processing.  I love her work.
Ali Edwards:  Such crafty inspiration
Dawn McVey:  Such a sweetie, and crafty inspiration
Jennifer McGuire:  Need I say more?  Craftiness, Craftiness, Craftiness
Katie Bee Creative:  She hasn't updated in a while, but I'm still a faithful follower.
Jody Wenke:  She hasn't updated in a while either, but she is crafty and has a heart warming story to share.
An Inch of Gray:  Beautifully written, but sad.  She lost her son in a freak flooding accident this year.  It's a hard thing to read.  Really hard, especially if you know someone who is going through the same thing, but it does give good insight to what they might be feeling.  I'm new to this blog...just started reading it a week or two ago.  

Well, that's all I can think of off the top of my head.  Please feel free to share in the comments if you read any blogs that you think I'd like.  And for those of you who read my blog daily...thank you.  Really and truly, thank you for taking the time out of your day to see what is happening in mine.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


There is a little feature on ecoscrapbook about your's truly.  Ecoscrapbook is a blog that provides tips and advice for using earth friendly items.  So, head on over there are check out Danielle's (ecoscrapbook) blog.

And as a side note, it seems that by scrapbooking Mojo has returned.  I started a cute little album project using repurposed materials aka cardboard, that I will share when I finish.  I also have two more layouts done, and a card!  I'm on a roll.

I HAVE to finish ALL of the laundry this weekend...this will not be an easy or fun task.  I am not looking forward to it at all....And because I couldn't make this a pictureless post, I am including a couple of photos from Thanksgiving.  They are not traditional photos that include the turkey, etc., but they do include my very own personal turkeys :)

Erik took this one hence the out of focus look to it.  He is a man of many talents, but photography is not one of them.  That's my brother, Josh and JoJo, my grandmother, me and Wolfie, and Maddie.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Quick Card

Let me just preface the photo by saying, sorry!  The picture is not that great.  I had to take it with my iphone in a hurry because it is called:  I was running late to a party and was running around like an idiot.  The card was super quick to make.  I used the Simple Stories "Happy Day" cards and stickers to make it.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and a Layout

Hi all.  I just wanted to wish you a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.  I have so many things to be thankful for.  I put some of them in the layout's pictureless...  It's the first pictureless layout I've done.  (When you don't have ink to print you're choices are limited.)  I actually really liked doing a pictureless layout.
Supplies are from Memory Works and Studio Calico Monthly Kits

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
(I will have a few more projects to share later this week)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Annual Year in Review Album


Sorry, everyone, I had to give that small disclaimer up at the top.  I know that last year I shared our photo book with you.  Here is this year's photo book.  I used Shutterfly again.  This year I used the Custom Path version.  I LOVED it.  I love this book.  I like the way it looks.  I love the way I was able to design the templates and add embellishments at text easily.  I hope you enjoy!  And right now, if you enter the code SHIP30 you can get free shipping on orders $30 or more.

Shutterfly photo books are the new way to preserve your memories. Create your own today.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Science Fair Fun

This week we finished up Wolfie's science fair project.  Let me just say that I think science fairs were some crazy idea dreamt up to torture parents.  Why else would you force a child to complete a complicated project that you have to pull their teeth to do?  During the process, I might have threatened that failure to complete the science project would result in Santa bringing sticks and coal for Christmas.  To which my "Genius Scientist" son said at least he would be able to make a fire with them.  (Last year or the year before the same threat was made regarding sticks and he replied that at least he could make a bow and arrow with them).  I'm glad my son is an optimist.  So here is a little picture of Erik and Wolfie working on his project.  (He took the actual board before I could take a picture of it.)

Here are some things I learned:  1.  Do not let your child use Cricut Letters...they will complain endlessly about gluing them down.  2.  My craft room is WAY too crowded.  We have too much furniture in here.  Something has got to go.  3.  I need to put a lock and key  on ruler was missing, there were no pencils, no erasers.  4.  For the Love of God, I need to put some WD40 on my trimmer...I think I have permanent hearing damage for the God awful sound it makes.  5.  Keep pets and small children away from the science fair project at all times.

All in all, it was a success...I just hope Wolfie learned something.  :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mariphone Randomness

Hi everyone!  This post will be random...and haphazard.  Sorry.  Here are a few photos I took with Mariphone this past week.

Wolfie's little story he wrote for his homework.  I thought it was pretty cute.

 Maddie's art work.  He's good for a six year old.  I think.

 Wolfie's Christmas list.  I hope he doesn't think he's getting everything on it.

Wolfie playing the video game with his hat, in his pajamas.  I thought it was funny.

The boys love their Dad!
Me, after scrubbing the toilets, cleaning the house, carting boys to and from catechism, grocery shopping, and doing numerous loads of laundry.

And just in case you were wondering about my lack of craftiness.  Here are some photos that show why I don't craft...everyone else has taken over my office.  This doesn't even show the floor.

Have a good night!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Senior Photos

If you want to see more photos from this session go to my photography blog here.

I hope you all have a restful Veteran's Day.  Thanks to all of our soldiers who have protected our freedom over the years.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Photos

I know this is totally off topic from regular scrapbooking, and my life, but I just wanted to let you know.  Especially for those that are local.  

I am going to do some Mini-Christmas Card Sessions. It's a 30 minute session. You will get 20 edited photos: 10 color and 10 black and white, 25 Christmas Cards for $125. Please book by December 2.  I will post some Christmas Card Samples shortly!

Monday, November 7, 2011

November Memory Works Express

November 2011 MemoryWorks Express Kit Contains:

Patterned Paper
{1} 12x12 Wonderland - North Country (Prima)
{1} 12x12 Glacier Roads - North Country (Prima)
{1} 12x12 Manie Meadows - North Country (Prima)
{1} 12x12 Dot - Blitzen (BoBunny)
{1} 12x12 Stockings - Blitzen (BoBunny)
{1} 12x12 Reindeer Fly - Holly Jolly (My Mind's Eye)

Solid Cardstock
{1} 12x12 Cranberry Stationary (Lilybee Designs)
{1} 12x 12 Spruce Stationary (Lilybee Designs)
{1} 12x12 Frost Stationary (Lilybee Designs)
{1} 12x12 Oatmeal Stationary (Lilybee Designs)

{1} 12x12 ABC's Stickers - Jingle (Lilybee Designs)
{1} 12x12 Tis the Season Transparency (Fancy Pants)
{6} Blitzen Noteworthy Die Cut Shapes - Assorted Styles & Sizes (BoBunny)
{4} Kraft and White Die Cut Snowflakes - Assorted Styles (Maya Road)
{3} Kraft Mini Tags - Assorted Styles (Maya Road)
{3} Chipboard Snowflakes - Assorted Styles & Sizes (Maya Road)
{3} Antique Gem Trinket Pins (Maya Road)
{3} North Country Avon Roses - Assorted Colors (Prima)
{5} North Country Essentials II Flowers - Assorted Colors (Prima)
{12} Joyeaux Noel Buttons - Assorted Sizes (Buttons Galore)
{1} ½ Yard Brown Crepe ¾" Ribbon (Creative Impressions)
{1} ½ Yard Olive Silk ¼" Ribbon (May Arts)
{1} ½ Yard Red Sheer Box Pleat Ribbon (May Arts)

{2} 3x6 Cranberry Stationary (Lilybee Designs)
{2} 3x6 Spruce Stationary (Lilybee Designs)
{1} 3x6 Frost Stationary (Lilybee Designs)
{1} 3x6 Oatmeal Stationary (Lilybee Designs)
{6} 3 ¼ x 3 ¼ Clear Envelopes 

It's that time of year already???  Time to prepare for the holidays.  I can't believe how fast this year has gone.  Please let me know if you are interested in ordering this months kit.  

Have a great evening!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Photos

We started our Halloween weekend at our friend's house.  Every year (for the last 10), we go to her house for a pumpkin carving party.  Our pumpkin is the 5th one from the left with the big smile. 

Look how thrilled Erik looks.

The next for are from school at our Fall Festival

 Our Grade level was Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Wolfie let me take his picture for once.  It's the nicest one I've taken in a long time.

Maddie at the cupcake walk.

Obviously he had a cupcake already.

After school, when Erik got home.  Probably one of my favorite photos ever.  JoJo loves his Daddy.

All of us before Trick or Treating.  Notice Erik has become a criminal.  I was an awesome costume maker with the black electrical tape.

The kids had a lot of fun.  I just hate that Halloween fell on a Monday this year.  It makes it hard for the rest of the week.  

Enjoy your day.  I'm home today...daycare is closed.  Maybe I'll finish my scrapbook page that's been sitting on my craft table for over a week.


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