Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Checking In

Hi there everyone!  I hope you are all doing well.  We've been busy around here with work and school.  I'm sitting here trying to have some internet issues fixed up so I thought, "Why not post?"  It's been ages.  I'm having a great year at school.  I have a really nice class of Kinder/First Graders.  I'm going to post a few pics of the last few months.  I'm excited to say that we should be making some home improvements too.  I'll share those as we get them done.

 Hanging out in the pits after the races.  Our good friends race and we support them. Ha.
 Who doesn't love sushi?
 At PPP...Peter Piper Pizza
 Playing Risk

 A little toad the boys found in the yard.
 Cutting Wood

 Hanging out by the fire.
 Halloween...the boys wanted to dress up as the staff from The Office.
 Hanging with the dogs.
 The Gingerbread House my class made.
 Our bacon wrapped smoked turkey.
JoJo and Maddie decorating the tree.  Wolfie had the stomach flu.  Something that has been cycling through our house with a vengeance.  
 A dog's life

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Well Hello

I'm sitting here waiting for football to come on...We don't have cable so we have some NFL app but we have to wait until all of the games are over.  Anyhow, I was just sitting here playing around and decided why not do a post.  So here you go and impromptu post.  I'm sure you are waiting with baited breath.  I'm just going to add photos that continue from my previous post.

The boy's first day of school.

The procession for Officer Jose Chavez out of Hatch, NM.  He was killed in the line of duty.  This procession escorted him across the state from Albuquerque to Las Cruces.

It was truly amazing to see the support he received.  All of our love and respect for this fallen officer.

We destroyed the pool.  It was really old and the fiber glass was started to break of and float all over the top of the water.  Wolfie tried shooting it with his bow but the arrows just went straight through.  So, Erik sliced it with a knife and it was so fun.  I think the kids and the dogs had more fun with the pool destroyed than when it was actually for swimming.

  I got changed to Kinder/First this year and I'm loving it.  That's me according to one of my kinders.  Aren't I lovely?

Maddie has decided to join the orchestra and he's going to play the viola.  I pushed for the violin but I let him make the decision.

 Homework time
 Laylah just hanging out with the boys.
 I got rainbow hair!!!

 My friend Pam is leaving to Japan for three years so we all got together for dinner before she left.  All of those kids have grown up together since babies.  It's crazy how big they are.

Opening night for the NFL

Wolfie went hunting with Erik.  It was his first time with his real bow.  They actually got into the elk but didn't get anything.

So, that pretty much sums up everything that's going on around here.  When I have more time, I'll try to get crafty.  Teaching two grade levels at the same time has been a lot of work so I work on school stuff all evening when I get home.  I hope you are all well.  Have a good night.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Just Life

Hello All!   I know I posted at the beginning of the summer with all of these goals I had.  One was blogging more...oops that was a fail.  Anyhow, I did meet a lot of those goals.  I just haven't posted about them.  It's been a super fun summer.  We did camp A LOT.  We had so much fun.  I also want to tell you this summer has been crazy and filled with some turmoil and heart breaking sadness.  Over all, I've learned a lot.  I just think that's all we can hope for.  Try to learn something new everyday.  This post will be long and photo heavy...just a warning.

We did do a lot of camping and I will share the photos.  However, this trip was the highlight of our summer.  We went to Pilar with my cousin Tommy and his two boys.  It was an amazing time.  It was also Erik and I's 15th wedding anniversary.  It was super romantic with five boys staying in our trailer...not.  But it was such a great time.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge
Erik and I doing the race course.  In this photo, I thought I was going to die.
This photo, I realized I lived.  Ha
All of the boys.  I love their faces.

Wolfie jumping off of the bridge.  It is a 35 foot drop at least.  Neither Erik or I told him to do it.  He just climbed up to the top and did it on his own.  You can see Erik waiting in the water for him.  

Then Erik  couldn't be outdone so he had to jump too.  He looked like a crazy man. Maddie was watching up top.  You can see him in the orange.  

Maddie decided to jump all on his own.  It took him 20 minutes to make the decision but there is Erik again, waiting for him.  The boys in the foreground are cousins waiting too.  It was a truly amazing trip.  One we will never forget.  I can't wait to go back next year.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Clique Kits Pep Rally

Hello All!!!  You should have arrived here from Janet's Blog.  I am your last stop on the Blog Hop today.  Last month, my dog chewed up my layout and I was unable to participate.  So, this month I made up for it with two layouts.  It also helps that I am on summer vacation!  So here you go.  I love this kit!!

These photos were taken on our camping trip last week. It was super windy so the lake was really green and wavey...I snapped these pics of JoJo jumping in the waves.  I wanted to keep the colors muted and beachy to match the photos.  The papers and sequins were perfect for the look I was going for.

Here is the second layout.

It was also taken at the lake this last week.  I really wish I hadn't added the washi tape but when I tried to remove it things started ripping so it stayed.

I realize all of the photos are of the kids with their backs to the camera.  That is because it was 107 degrees and I was hiding in the shade I was trying to be super artsy.  It was really hot, I'm not going to lie.  Hope you all enjoyed the Pep Rally.  In case you got lost, here is the complete list for you:

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer Goals

Hey everyone!  It's been ages since I've posted anything.  So, I decided to write something down today.  Ha.  We are finally on summer break.  School was actually out before Memorial Day, but I had a training I had to go to after school was over.  Last week was my first week on break but was filled with things that had to be taken care of.  I have a lot of stuff that I have to get done this summer.  I'm moving up grade levels...I'm going to 4th grade and I'm a little worried.  I mean the students are bigger than I am.  In all seriousness, I have to plan an entire year of curriculum, brush up on my Spanish, and review techniques for scaffolding English Language Learners.  That sounded teachery.  In addition to that school stuff, I also have a unit I made that I want to finish up and put on Teachers Pay Teachers.

The other things I want to do this summer are:
*have fun
*make something crafty
*get all of the laundry done and go through kids dressers
*finish painting my gnomes and yard decorations...I don't have that many
*go camping a lot
*clean my office
*launch my website...I'm working on it slowly but surely
*blog more...I realize I've been a craptacular blogger this year.
*take more photos with my real camera
*spiff up the yard and garden

Well, that pretty much sums it up.  Though, I'm sure I'll be adding more things to my list.  I hope you all have a great day.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Clique Kits Pep Rally

Hi there!  I don't have a layout to share today because my dog got into the office and destroyed it.  She also made a huge mess.  I'm posting the blog list here for you though, incase you are directed here.  That way you can go right on to the next stop.  Enjoy your day!

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*Kim Oedekoven http://krodesigns.blogspot.com/
Sandy Gonzalez http://craftythought.com
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Kim Allen http://kimsscrappyblog.blogspot.com/
*Leigh Ann Odynksi  http://www.artfulleighcreative.com
Stephanie Kisewetter www.oddbirdout.com
Renee Aslette http://www.reneeaslette.blogspot.com
Sara Mishler http://sarascrapsblog.wordpress.com/
Janet Zeppa http://janetsjoy.blogspot.ca/
Jennie Garcia http://earthyscrap.blogspot.com/

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Around Here

It has been so long since I've posted an An Around Here post...months.  I can't actually believe it.  There has been a lot going on here.  I have figured out my iPhoto libraries so that is actually a really good thing.  I'm also working on my photography stuff and building a new website...I'm reworking everything and I'm happy about that.  So here are a few photos to show you what's been going on "around here"
Screen shot of my new website

Camping Pics

 Most Epic fishing trip EVER
 Homemade lip balm

 The best dad.  He's the best at everything.
 Combing Jojo's crazy hair...he has two cowlicks.  

 Cooking on the Big Green Egg...This was delicious.

Maddie's Birthday...I made this cake.  It was super yummy and easy.

 He's painting again.

And this....he's official now.  My brother is a certified attorney.  He's so incredibly smart and we are so proud of him.  Unfortunately we could not make his swearing in ceremony because of PARCC testing. Nonetheless, we are extremely proud of him.  

So, I hope you have all been doing okay.  Hopefully once the school year is over, I can post more frequently.


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