Friday, January 31, 2014

Project Life Delay....Week 4

So, obviously, if you are reader you realize I didn't post Project Life on Wednesday.  I actually have the pictures but due to my inability to stand on Tuesday, and other obligations such as Writing Night, Catechism, and family stuff I couldn't get it done.  I am home today.  I had to come home early because JoJo was throwing up all over the place.  He told me his stomach hurt this morning.  You know me, Mother of the Year, told him to hurry up and get dressed so I wouldn't be late for work.  Then I yelled at him when he wouldn't get out of the car.  About thirty minutes after arriving at school he threw up all over the computer keyboard.  I took him to the nurse's office where he vomited upon arrival.  I took that as a cue to go home.  So, I'm working on my homemade yogurt...cross your fingers.  I'm hoping to get my Project Life up this weekend.  Here is a picture of the soup I made JoJo with homemade chicken stock.  Click here for the recipe from 100 Days

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