Saturday, November 29, 2014

Projects Mash Up

Hi there!  It's been a busy month.   Even though I've had the week off this week, I'm still playing catch up on everything.    Anyhow, I realize I haven't posted in a bit, and I have been working on tons of projects.  I'm going to post them here for you today as well as the awesome sales going on at Clique Kits.  So, here goes.  If I've already posted some of them before sorry...

This page is for my Week in the Life.  I wanted to keep it simple.  I created a cutfile for each day of the week.

An 8.5x11 layout.  I love doing those.

Okay, I think that's all I haven't shared.  Now Clique Kits is having an awesome sale on their website until Monday.  Here is a list of the discount codes and sales.

I'll be back later this week to share some Project Life Pages...I promise.  Also, I will be sharing some layouts I've created with the December Kit Enchanted Meadows from Clique Kits.  Its AMAZING!

Have a great Saturday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Clique Kits "Homecoming" Pep Rally

Hello ladies!  You should have arrived from Marica's Blog.  What a busy and wonderful month it has been.  I can't believe we are already headed into the holidays, can you?  Today I have a layout to share with you, using the awesome "Homecoming" Kit.

I loved the wood grain paper from Webster's Pages.  I cut all of the Webster's Pages "Special Pages" up.  Those are the 2x2 squares I used to frame my pictures.  I figured, I would use up any left overs with Project Life or other layouts.  This month, I chose to add on  the buttons available in the School Store.  I'm so glad I did.  Almost all of my layouts have buttons on them.  Buttons are so easy to add to any page.  Make sure you check out the buttons and other goodies in the store.  My other favorite from the kit was the wood vaneer embellishments from Freckled Fawn.

Here is a closeup...Yes, the lovely is broken.  It was my fault.  I worked with it anyway.  It was just too cute to toss aside.  Besides, it gives the layout character.  I really love those squares and how real they look.  They worked so well with the photos I took of the boys last summer at the lake.

Please join me later this week, I will be sharing some Project Life Layouts featuring the awesome "Homecoming" Kit as well.  Please, make your way over to Rosann's blog.

If you aren't a subscriber to Clique Kits please do it now.  There is so much awesome goodness coming.  You won't want to miss it.  I promise.  Enjoy the rest of the hop.  And if you're lost, here is an entire list of the blog hoppers:

Marcia---You came from here
Mariah---You are here :)
Rosann----Go here next

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Project Life Week 29

Hello All!  I've been super busy around here trying to edit tons of photo shoots.  I did want to drop in and share my Project Life Album with you.  I created this spread with my Clique Kits Glam Camp Kit.  It's one of my all time favorite.  Don't forget that Clique Kits is looking for new subscribers and if you happen to sign up for the December Kit, you get the November Kit at 50%.  It will ship with your December Kit!  The kits are amazing!  They are filled with tons of goodies.  You will love them.  Now onto my Project Life Layouts.
 This week we went for a hike up Dripping Springs.  We've never done it before.  It was a lot of fun.  It's really one of the most beautiful hikes.  We also built Mazzie a ramp and taught her how to get in the pool.  Ha.
 These were all Instagram photos that I printed out on my Canon Selphy.

Here is the right side.

So there you have it.  I'll be posting some more projects using my November Homecoming kit this week!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tried and True Mariah's Review and a Real Food Update

Oh my goodness, it's been forever since I posted about our Real Food Diet.  We are still on the wagon.  I have finally emptied my pantry and Lazy Susan of non real food items.  I don't know if you remember me saying we couldn't just throw all of our food away.  (More on that in a minute)  The only food items that come into our house, besides the Halloween Candy, are Real Food.  I want to share some tips with you today, as well as a review of the 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook.  So, let's start with the cookbook review.

I preordered the cookbook and have it in hardcover, but the image that came up was this one.  

I'm going to rate this cookbook at 5 stars. First of all, it is so beautifully done.  The photos and recipes are very clear.  The layout of the book is really well done with a very nice flow.  The first section of the book discusses the benefits of eating Real Foods.  I've followed Lisa's blog for a while now, and I even learned something in that section.  I should also note that I have even read all of Dr. Weil's books so that amazed me.  

The book is divided into the following sections:  The Plan, and The Recipes.  The recipes are very comprehensive.  She has breakfast, school lunches, snacks and appetizers, Salads and Sides, Simple Dinners, Special Treats, and Homemade Staples.  I really love the school lunch section because she provides the recipes and a Lunch Box Packing Chart that breaks it down very simply.

There are a few recipes that she has posted online, but most of them are new recipes.  In a way that disappoints me because I wish she would have put every single recipe into the book.  We've never been disappointed with one of her recipes yet.  That is not really a flaw of the book to be fair.  I realize it would be impossible.  Lisa also offers Gluten Free recipes or suggestions on how to make the recipes Gluten Free, if you are on a Gluten Free diet.

This is really and truly the one cookbook I use on a weekly basis when planning my meals.  It is hands down the best cookbook I've owned.  So many cookbooks are filled with recipes that you will never use because they are far too complicated or not to your taste.  That is just not the case with this cookbook.  One more note I will make is that I usually double or increase the ingredients in her recipes.  I have a family of five.  My husband and three boys just eat a lot of food.  

So, I do encourage each and everyone of you to make this purchase.  You will not be sorry.

Now onto the next topic.  Our Real Food Journey.  

The other day on the radio, I heard that a Whole Foods was going to open in the area.  The radio host said that eating organics and health food stuff is just a way for people to be Uppity and join the healthy eating bandwagon.  He also stated that many organic foods are produced under subsidiaries of the same major corporations selling unhealthy food items.  That is true.  I almost called into the show to discuss this with him.  This is how I feel about the whole issue.  

Eating a Real Food Diet and shopping at health food stores is not an uppity choice for me.  That's just ridiculous.  In fact, this way of living is far more expensive than eating processed foods.  He said people with disposable income eat this way.  Gee, I wish I had disposable income.  The fact is I don't.  I do choose to spend more on our food, with the support of my husband because it is better for us.  I have not purchased or brought anything into our home that is not considered Real Food.  That being said, I do allow the boys to eat candy.  For example, on Halloween, they got to eat it.  We do eat out at restaurants that don't serve Real Food.  I don't want to go all crazy on them and ban every bad food out there.  I feel they are old enough to make some choices when it comes to food.  I feel my husband and I can educate them about our food, and provide them with healthy food at home.

Sometimes its hard to stick to the diet.  I mean who doesn't love Oreos?  I haven't eaten them in about 18 months, at least.  Boy do I miss Cream of Chicken Soup, and Crescent Rolls.  I have to read every single food label.  There are so many times that I put even organic food products back because I don't like the ingredients in them.  It is costly.  To help with the cost of food, I have done several things.  First, we started making our own bread.  It was just too expensive to buy a loaf of bread for $5.  We can go through a loaf of bread in a sitting.  We did join Costco.  My husband and I went together and made the decision to join.  We looked at all of the food choices they offered, and decided to join.  That means, I have to travel an hour away once a month to purchase food there.  We buy their meat, while not locally raised, is organic and antibiotic free.  We don't always eat organic fruits and vegetables.  Do not fall out of your chair.  Sometimes, they are just too expensive and don't fit in our budget.

Why I feel it's important to eat Real Food.

I'm not a scientist or a doctor, but I look around and see many alarming facts.  First, the amount of cancers and diseases in our country.  Children being born with food allergies and a very high increase in Autism, ADHD, and other things.  So many of our foods and meats are banned in foreign countries because they are deemed unhealthy.  CoffeeMate Creamer is made with explosive materials, and dyes they use for coloring plates and dishes.  That just can't be good for you.  I do think about our food a lot.  It would be so much easier and cheaper to give in but then I think:  Do I want my kids to eat this?  The answer is no.  I don't want my kids to eat things that were never designed for human consumption.  So, that is why we continue this journey. I feel that we are healthier and have noticed a change in our life for the better.  I will try to post very soon about some of the products we use in our home.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Clique Kits November Challenge| 17 Turtles

Good morning everyone!  Today is the launch of the Clique Kits November Challenge.  This month our Sponsor is 17 Turtles.

17turtles offers a wide range of digital cut files that are perfect for paper crafting, scrapbooking and other craft projects such as cards, home decor, wall art, and more. When you purchase a digital download from 17turtles you will receive a zipped file that includes 1 SVG, 1 PNG and 1 DXF file. These files are for use with a wide variety of electronic cutting machines that will open and cut digital files, including SVG and DXF files. If you know that your machine will cut SVG or DXF files, then you should be able to use my files. You can use my designs with both the Silhouette Studio Software and the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software. You do not have to use the Trace feature because the cut lines are already there for you. For more information about my cut files, please visit my shop policy (

17 Turtles created these custom cut files for our November Homecoming Kit.

These custom cut files can be purchased here in the 17turtles shop and you can receive 25% off by using the promo code CK17TURTLES25!  Please make sure to visit the 17turtles shop, their blog and find them on Facebook here!
Here are a few details to go along with this months challenge!
  • You may combine our challenge with other challenges
  • You may enter our challenge up to 3 times
  • Link up your projects by November 30th, 11:55 pm CST
  • You are not required to use a Clique Kit to link up
  • You are not required to use 17turtles cut files to link up but doing so does give you an extra entry
  • Create any type of project
  • Link directly to your challenge project entry post
You will always find the link to this challenge on the sidebar of my blog.  So you can follow that link to post your projects.  Have a wonderful Saturday, and I can't wait to see your projects.

Monday, November 3, 2014

How About Some Cards?

I was on the CK blog yesterday where I posted these cards I made with the Clique Kits Special Edition Holiday Card Kit.  I thought I would share them with you here today as well.

I'm hoping to have a much less busy this week.  I will be posting our Halloween Pictures soon.  I also really need to get caught up on Project Life...Eeks.  Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog Your Heart

It's that time again, apparently.  I've been prompted by Stephanie Howell to Blog My Heart.  So here goes.

1.  Being a parent is really hard.  Who doesn't know this?  It's just that why do my kids have to make parenting so challenging.  The boys fight a lot.  I guess that's normal for boys.  The annoying thing is that I was late for school several times this week because JoJo wouldn't put his socks on.  They have bumps in them, which apparently, he can't stand.  I hate walking into my classroom late. Hate it.  The other issue is that Wolfie is extremely smart.  Gifted smart, though he didn't qualify for gifted because he was too lazy to put effort into his reading and writing assessment.  I don't need a gifted label for him, but I'd love to have some help with getting him organized.  An IEP would have been good to make sure he turns his work in on time.  I find it super annoying when parents say, "my child is gifted." The fact of the matter is that raising a gifted child is extremely difficult.  There are so many difficult things that you have to deal with, like stubbornness, laziness, unorganization, not paying attention, etc.  Wolfie is smart, but he's getting bad grades and that is SO frustrating.

2.  I think I'm beginning to tire of Erik's schedule.  We're three years in now, but still on opposite schedules.  It would really be nice to be able to do things as a family during the entire year not just summer vacation, and holiday breaks.

3.  This year has been the worst year of our life.  Extremely hard financial issues, violent death of a friend, and the death of 4 grandparents have not made things easy.  

4.  I'm extremely glad and thankful to be part of a design team.  I don't think I could have made it through this year without crafting.  However, it's been hard to find a balance between blogging about our life, and blogging about crafting.  I'm sure things will come to a balance.

5.  I miss my friends.  They have all moved away to different states.  

6.  I'm really loving music right now.  

7.  I'm totally getting my iPhone back as soon as I can.  I don't like my phone that much, and I just want iTunes back.  I want the cloud back.  Erik wants his iPhone back too.  So as soon as it's feasible we will be switching back to Apple.

8.  It's time to start the 30 Day Ab Challenge.  I got asked by a parent at school if I was expecting!!!  I told her, "No, I'm just fat."  Here I come crunches.

9.  The Cowboys are crumbling as we speak.  I'm glad I'm not putting any emotion into that whole debacle.  I can't take any more blows this year.  Ha!  On another note, I finally got Erik to be a fan, and he's hurt that they are losing!

10.  I wish Peyton Manning was our best friend.  I think we would make a perfect fit.  He's dorky, funny, and drinks BudLight.  Okay, this is a far fetched idea.

11.  I hate "Falling Back" I hate when it gets dark early.  

So there you have it.  I tried to balance the negative with some positive.  Have a good night.


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