Friday, June 2, 2017

Summer Goals

Hey everyone!  Every year, I post my summer goals on here...and every year a lot of them are never met.  So instead of posting how I'm going to organize the house head to toe, I'm going to post more realistic goals.  Let's face it, the only way this house is going to get organized top to bottom is if house fairies come along and do it...Ha.

*Swim 1 mile a day.  This is totally a reachable goal.  I've been swimming at least 1/2 to 6 tenths of mile for the last month after school.  I don't think swimming a mile is too far of a stretch, considering how I used to swim a mile a day growing up.  The boys are swimming laps with me as well.  It's become our thing for the summer.  We are still old fashioned counting laps with an abacus like my grandmother and I did.

*Not let my hair turn green...this is serious.  Hopefully with a salt water pool this won't happen.  I've got this concoction here that should help...I'll let you know.

*Go on a huge hike.  Erik and I watched A Walk in The Woods with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte a few months ago.  It's a hilarious movie as they try and conquer the Appalachian Trail.  We researched and found a 21 mile loop here and are going to try and take the dogs and the kids on this adventure this summer.

*Organize the garage...I know, I started this post with not organizing stuff.  We did remodel the kitchen and office so I sort of need to do this.  Really.  I love my new kitchen.

*Make crafty stuff.  I recently caught on to the trend of using a Traveler's Notebook to document stuff.  I didn't actually pick a Traveler's Journal, but I picked this journal.   I LOVE IT!!!  It's small and I can take it anywhere. Here's a page I made.

*Grill like crazy...Erik and I love to BBQ and come up with great food recipes.  This summer we hope to build an in ground BBQ pit. 

*Organize my Donor's Choose Project...that's a biggie.  I've had no math manipulatives for two years in a row.  So, I need to sit down and get that done.  Hopefully, keep your fingers crossed I won't be changed grade levels again.  They changed me to 1st grade only...and I had to move classrooms for the sixth time in the last two years. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

*Have fun!  I want to have a great summer with the kids.  My oldest will be in high school this next school year.  Raising a teenager is everything people warn you about.  So, I'm trying to hold onto my sanity with this kid.  I just want to have fun a lot together as a family.  

So there you have it.  It's just a simple list.  Lot's of fun.  Lot's of family time.  

Have a great day!


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