Sunday, July 31, 2011

WIL-Day 4

Today was spent lazily.  I went to the store, did laundry and cleaning (just like every other day).  This afternoon, we went to a friend's birthday party at the park.  We let the boys camp out in the living room tonight.  We watched Pirates of the Caribbean together.

Cinnamon Roll Saturday...I buy these mini-bites and the kids think they get more cinnamon rolls this way. (insert evil laughter)

Grocery List...resulted in $200 grocery bill.  I don't know how that happens every week, but I wish it didn't.

Apparently Cars was not entertaining enough to hold Erik's attention.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

WIL-Day 3

Today was a lazy day.  I cleaned a few things around the house.  The boys read, watched TV, and played. I read a book and finished it was only 100 pages.  It was my last Friday of summer vacation...
JoJo and Maddie's favorite breakfast...they still like this

 JoJo and Jill waiting for the garbage truck.  JoJo is telling Jill all about it.

Hiding from the garbage truck.

Watching the garbage truck is a Friday ritual at our house.

Bye-Bye garbage truck

Snuggle time with Fluffy

Maddie's music of choice.  He loves Dolly Parton.  He knows all the words to the songs.  This will definitely be something we tease him about when he grows up.
Told you I cleaned.

 Eggs for dinner...outside.  Erik was supposed to get home about 6.  I thought pancakes would be fun for dinner.  He got out of work late and home about 7:45.  I'm not a pancake maker, so the kids got eggs.  It was still breakfast for dinner.

JoJo and Maddie playing "Did you steal my hay"

Wolfie was supposed to be in bed he came out dressed like this with his weapon.  I had to take a picture, then promptly send him to bed so Erik and I could have time to talk at the table without 100 interruptions.

Friday, July 29, 2011

WIL-Day 2

Today was spent cleaning, washing clothes, and editing photos (not these-from a session).  Here are a few photos from the day.  They are not edited, I have had quite a difficult time with my computer this morning.  My internet is sssssllllooowww.  The photos wouldn't import from my camera, then they got erased and I had to reinsert them.  This has taken about 1.5 hours to do so here you have it.  Blurry photos and all.  It's Muphy's Law for Day 2.

This morning, Wolfie came out of his room dressed as this Star Wars Guy (I have know idea who)
 My hallway at 8:30 a.m.  Isn't it lovely?
I would like to know how this much damage can be done to a kitchen while I'm sleeping.  It was clean last night.  What happened??
 My laundry helper.  He's also my "little forklift" for putting towels away.  He really likes laundry and if I do it with out him, he gets mad.  Can't wait until he's old enough to do it all by himself (at which time he will hate it).  Such is the irony of life.
My second cup of coffee...because I needed it.

The street sweeper was outside.  JoJo is obsessed with all heavy machinery.

Morning Snack:  Popcorn with chile.

Most delicious lunch ever:  Tunafish sandwich, chips, and chocolate milk

Erik and I after lunch relaxing on the bench seat.

Jill is super excited about my monthly kit from Studio Calico.  I am too.  We just get each other :)

I tried numerous times to put him down for a nap.  I came out of the office and found him sleeping on the love seat like this.

Our Bakugan friends that sat with Erik and I while we watched the boys play their underwear.

 Bedtime snacks.

(sorry for the blurry photos)
For dinner we had homemade green chile enchiladas.  My neighbor's fridge broke so she brought us some of her food (enchiladas, rice, and whip cream)  We have the best neighbors.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Week in the Life 2011-Day 1

I am embarking once again on "A Week in the Life."  Here are a few photos from Day 1.
Checking to see if the Toothfairy came last night.

Some little monsters showed up in my bed in the middle of the night.

Erik's shined boots and a dirty sock?  It's the first thing I saw this morning when I came into the living room.

Erik eating a quick breakfast after PT.

Acting normal for the camera because I told him all of his other pictures looked ridiculous.

My classroom waiting to get set up and ready for new little first graders.

Saying Grace before dinner which consisted of left overs from a roast chicken.  The boys love the potatoes so I try to make extras.

Eating applesauce requires full concentration from JoJo.

Maddie's missing tooth.  He has lost three in the past two weeks.  I love his little holes.  It won't be long before their gone :(  Signs that he's growing up.

Erik's nightly ritual of shoe shining.

Bedtime stories (please ignore stupid look on my face-i was reading).  This summer we've been reading Uncle Wiggly's Adventures.  We read a chapter or two each night.  My grandmother used to read us this book when we went to stay with her in Illinois during the summer.  We would sit around the kitchen table and eat popsicles.  Sometimes the raccoons would come and get into the trashcans and we'd run out to the porch and watch them.  Wolfie is really enjoying the book, and he wants to read more every night.  He begs me to let him take it to his room and read it on his own.  But, I tell him this is something special that I want to do together.  

That's all for Day 1.  I'll be back tomorrow with Day 2!

Monday, July 25, 2011

4th of July Layout

Supplies:  Memory Works Express July 2011, Ranger:  Glossy Accents, Copic Markers.

I actually used Glossy Accents on this project.  The star on the layout was chipboard.  I colored it with a red Copic Marker then topped it off with Glossy Accents.  It looks pretty cool.  It was my first time using Glossy accents, but I loved it!  It was super easy to use.  

I will be doing a Week in the Life again.  I'm not sure if I will start Wednesday or wait until next week.  We're wrapping up summer around here.  It is our last week...insert sad sigh.  I have to get my room ready this week.  I officially start on Monday, and the boys start Wednesday.  If I do Week in the Life next week, I'll catch the start of school action, but then I'll also be SUPER busy.  So there is my predicament.  Well I wish you all a good day.  Yesterday was my dad's birthday...So Happy Birthday Dad!  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Few of Our Wedding Photos

Erik and I had a beautiful wedding.  It was fun, wild, and memorable.  It is hard to believe that this day happened 10 years ago tomorrow.  These pictures make me smile.  It was such a happy day, and it's been such a happy 10 years.  It's unbelievable how quickly time has gone by.  We have three boys now. Erik and I were talking the other day.  In our next decade of marriage our boys will grow up.  They will be getting ready to leave the house.  Wolfie will be 18 and on his way to college.   Maddie will be driving.  JoJo will be starting high school.  I really could not have chosen a better person to be my partner in life, to help me grow up, and shape me into who I am today.    


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