Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Real Food Recommendations

So all is going well here.  I thought I would post a quick update and share some foods I love.  I stayed home from work today due to knee injury.  Mazzie crashed into me at full speed last night while chasing the stupid cat.  She hyperextended my knee and knocked me to the ground.  It was lovely crying like a baby while laying on the floor.  Thank God, she has not reached her full size of 140 pounds or I might be in the hospital.  Anyhow, since I was home today.  I decided to catch up on some cooking...bad idea.  My knee swelled up while I was making homemade whole wheat tortillas.  I did also crank out a batch of granola later in the day after resting my knee and taking some Ibuprofen.

Here is a little list of my favorite finds.  I use these products all of the time and they kids love them.  I am also thinking of making my own yogurt at home in the next few weeks, as well as trying some salad in a jar...I never heard of it until my friend Pam brought it up today.  She is a whiz in the kitchen.
6.  Boars Head Products  Sorry no picture, but we eat their meat and cheeses all the time.  We especially love the Oven Gold Turkey Breast, Monterey Jack w/ Jalapeno cheese, Colby Jack, Honey Ham, Pepperoni.  


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