Sunday, May 2, 2010

WIL...Day 5 and 6

This is what a birthday looks like before he wakes up!
Daddy waking up the Birthday Boy.
Maddie showing his excitement about his birthday.
Maddie at daycare getting ready to blow out his candles.

More photos were taken this day, but they included a lot of other kids.  I don't know how their parents would feel about me posting them so I didn't.

Friday Night...this is what my husband brought home.
(It's for a party tomorrow)

Woflie with a cheese stick.
JoJo playing with his tractor.  It's full of dirt from the sandbox.
Margaritas...okay so we had to try them out for a taste test.
JoJo helping with dinner.
JoJo testing an uncooked noodle.
Erik cooking dinner.
Wolfie jumping on the trampolin.

Bedtime.  We have an infiltrator.  JoJo snuck into the older boys bedroom.
Maddie wanted to get in the picture too.

On a seperate note, my Grandfather has been in the hospital since Friday.  They believe he may have congestive heart failure.  I've been at the hospital a lot.  I'll be there again today.  So, I just wanted to get this posted.  I'll be back for Day 7 when I can get a chance.  Until then...have a good day.

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