Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beware: Long Post

This layout was created with the August 09 MWExpress Kit.  It's for Wolfie's last day of Kindergarten.   I asked him some questions about his Kindergarten teacher and included them in the layout.  I love his Kinder teacher so much.  She is probably the best kinder teacher you could ever have.  She is so sweet, patient, and kind to the children.  Anyway this was one year ago.  Wolfie's last week of 1st grade is quickly approaching...just 4 more school days.  I'm looking forward to the summer.  Next year, I will have two kids in school.  That is unbelieveable.  It really does go by so fast. 

Today, we are just hanging out.  It's the first Saturday to relax in months.  We have nothing to do.  It's so nice.  We got a new pet... a guinea pig.  She is so cute.  Her name is Marsha.  She's adjusting to life in this noisy, and dangerous household (We have 3 dogs and 3 kids).  She's only almost been eaten once.  Jill went for her this morning while Erik was holding her.  We really got on to Jill, and now she seems much more mello around her.  Wyli is obsessed with her.  She is constantly watching her while she's in the cage.  She won't leave her alone.  But, Marsha doesn't seem to mind her presence.  We can't figure out if Wyli wants to eat her or if she wants to mother her.  She's the only dog that's ever had puppies and she kept licking Marsha while Erik held her.  As soon as Marsha smelled her nose (while Marsha was in the cage) Wyli went and laid down to sleep.  Beamer could care less.  She walked away from Marsha like she was afraid of her.  Or, perhaps, she's too old (14 year old dog) to deal with it.  I will post pics of our cute new friend when I take them.  I didn't want to start snapping away and kill with a heart attack. 

I have some really hard decisions to make personally.  I need to decide where I want to work next year.  I'm not big on change, and I don't like to put people in a bind.  But, a really great opportunity has come along.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to take it.  But, it's still a hard decision to make.

I can't wait until summer.  I am so ready to be home with the kids.  I want to scrapbook like crazy.  I want to read and spend time with the kids.  I know I already said that, but their childhood is really going by fast. 

My website is up and running again.  So you can go to to see the cutest products on the market.

Well,  I'm off.  I hope I didn't bore you with such a long post.  As I said before, I will put some pictures of Marsha in a few days.  Please enjoy your weekend.

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