Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interesting Occurences today

Fancy Pants Papers, Basic Grey Chipboard

1.  I did nothing today.
2.  Water heater hose broke-husband went to store is now fixed.
3.  Yesterday Wolfie smashed JoJo's face at Chuck E Cheese-his face is malproportioned.  It looks ridiculous.  The swelling has lessoned but still there.
4.  Maddie told me that me that he forgot what Marsha ( the deceased guinea pig) looked like.  Do I have pictures?  My heart went crack, crack, crack...that was so sad.
5.  My mom came over to open a bottle of wine.  She needed the wine opener.  Where was it?  We couldn't find it anywhere.  Outside...Maddie took it outside to stab the ants with it.  He lied and told me the dogs took it outside.  To which I told him dogs don't have hands to carry it with.  So he fessed up.  Please tell me how to keep a straight face through this.  I did, but my mom was laughing in the kitchen.  That really made it much harder. 

Enjoy yourselves this evening.  Hopefully you can all tell me what happens on Lost because I gave up on that show years ago.

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