Monday, May 27, 2013

Welcome Mazzie!

Princess Mazzie Star

Here's our new baby!  Maddie got to choose her name.  The name he chose was Mazzie (rhymes with Jazzie).  She has been a wonderful addition to our family.  The boys, my mom and I, traveled to Oklahoma to go and get her.  Thank God my mother was with me.  She was so helpful along the way, passing out food, telling Maddie to stop letting the dog chew the leather car seats.  So anyhow, I left at 3 am on Sunday morning and got back home at 10:45 pm.  Little Puppy Girl woke me at 3 am.  At that time, I was thinking, "A name for this dog would be a great idea!!!!"  She also mastered the pet door at 3ish in the morning.  I was very excited about that, except, some of the joy was sucked away as it was 3 AM!!!     I was also deathly afraid that frogs would be springing from the woodwork as I sat on the porch columns (I am deathly afraid of case you didn't know).  I finally made my way back to bed about 5 am.  I crashed.  Maddie was so responsible, taking care of her and informing me that she peed and pooped outside while I was sleeping.  When I did get up at 9, I thought, "Geez, I could sleep another five hours."  JoJo's first words were, "We need to name this dog."  My sentiments exactly from my thoughts at 3 am.

Also, it should be noted that Jill was assisting me in the parenting role.  When we went to bed, I brought Mazzie (aka new puppy) in our room and laid her blanket down.  She chewed on our bed, and cords to our phones.  Every time I told her No, Jill had to come and see what I was talking about.  Jill got up with me at 3 a.m.  Mazzie was wandering through the kitchen at that time, and I was watching her.  Jill was sitting by the chair.  I thought I would go sit next to Jill.  Apparently, she thought Mazzie should be supervised because she got up and watched her while I sat in the chair.  We traded off baby sitting duties.  If I wasn't watching her, Jill was.  And if I was watching her, Jill was happily on standby.  That my friends,  is the reason I love Mastiffs.  They are so good natured and protective.  They have so much empathy for humans.  I love our new puppy so much.  It is absolutely crazy how much I love her.  I can just see how good she is going to be.  Geez, I love her!  She is so lanky and lazy in her gait like Jill.  We already taught her to sit, and "leave it'.  That is in one day.  That is how smart they are.  She has learned to walk on a leash (Yesterday was her first day on one).  She also knows her name now.  She's pretty much potty trained.  Now, if we can just convince our cat, Fluffy, how awesome she is....

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