Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Week in the Life

I'm really hoping you will join me for "A Week in the Life."  I will start posts on Monday, June 3, and I hope you will link back to your blog in the comments.  I've done this project for three years and I really love looking back on the photos.  I will also be putting up some downloadable files for the Silhouette.  You can use them in layouts.  We have a lot to share this next week...A new puppy, the lake, and other fun.  The kids are really glad to be spending time with Erik at home.  They asked him the other day if he was supposed to be at work, as they're not used to him being home :(  We're going to make the best of this summer.  Because summer is our time, and it always has been.  I'm really hoping to see your family's week, as I really hope you share!

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