Friday, May 24, 2013

It's Summer Baby!!

I am done with school!  Summer vacation is officially here!  Erik and I will get to have days off together.  It's been over a year since that happened.  There are a few exciting things we are looking forward to!

First of all, is our new dog!  We are going to get a new baby mastiff.

We're not sure what we're going to name her.  We like Miley which is a combination of Beamer & Wyli's names.  She is from Triple C Mastiffs.  That is there photo.  We can't wait to meet her.  The kids are very excited about the new puppy.  We've wanted a new mastiff for a very long time now.  I will never own any other breed of dog.  They are just so good natured.

Second, we're going tiger muskie fishing!

Keepers have to be 40 inches long!  They have teeth.  It should be fun.  I'm telling you this year is the year for the big one.  I am catching a big fish this summer.  My friend and I are going to also go catfishing at the lake.  We're gonna catch a big one, there too.

Third, we're going to the lake a lot!!!!

Fourth, we're going to hang out and spend time as a family.  Something we haven't been able to do very often with Erik's work.  I think Erik is most excited about sleeping in.  Since, he had to get up early every day of the week for work or to help me get the boys ready for school.

Also, I'm thinking of doing a Week in the Life, this next week or so.  Ali Edwards, didn't remind me this year so I forgot.  If I do it next week, my posts will be behind in days.  Like I won't be able to post day one photos until Friday.  So, I'll decide if I want to do it next week or the week after.  So if you want to do it too, here is your reminder.  Then we can all participate.  Just leave the link to you blog in the comments section of the Week in the Life Posts.

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