Tuesday, May 21, 2013

End of An Era...Goodbye Worst Dog in America

 I remembered this photo, I posted on Facebook in December.  I wrapped her in a towel because she was cold and shivering.  She looked so sweet and innocent, but 20 seconds later she got a pot pie and threw it on the floor and ate it.  I think it was JoJo's.
Last photo of Wyli laying with Jill in the laundry room. She loved it in there.

The worst dog in America has passed.  That's our Wyli girl.  We had her for 12 years.  We got her from the pound 12 years ago the week before we got married, and we guessed she was around 2 years old.  She is our last doggie from before our kids.  She was always so sweet and gentle with the kids.  Always. Even if her last days were bad, she never snapped at them or tried to be mean to them.  Her kindness with the kids is something I won't forget.  These last days were sad and hard and emotional.  You see, this little girl was bad.  She is responsible for daily trash digging intos.

She's the reason our appliance garage is our canned good storage area, while our Lazy Susan houses appliances.  She used to get in there and take all of the canned goods out and chew the cans into flattie pancakes in the yard somehow eating the contents.  She is the reason I have a horrid bleach spotted blanket covering our bed.  She tore every set of sheets, bed spread, bed skirt, and general bedding items we owned.  She has destroyed all of my winter clothing. I just gave up on my closet and I have to actually crawl on the floor to get to some of my clothes because of her.  She has eaten C cell batteries, glass baby food jars, and been taken to the vet for numerous injuries (like trying to crawl through a fence).  She has cost us way more than any pure bred pup due to furniture damage, (She chewed a hole in our couch), vet visits, clothing damage, bedding damage, and animal control fees.  She used to jump out of the yard.  We did everything we could to keep her in.  Finally putting up huge mesh fence, placing bricks on the walls worked.  The animal control people threatened to take her away after her second capture.  I told them that this dog would never be taken away from us and that she has done so much damage to our property that no other person would have ever kept her.  That she would have been euthanized by now.  That she was our dog and we made our commitment to her and would keep her, and they could go ahead and try and keep her.  Trust me, I listed her offenses to the lady.  Then I told her, I dare you to take this dog from us. The lady's eyes got pretty big and wide.  She stayed with us.  She caused more damage, she ate more trash.    Wyli was afraid of everything.  Cameras, video cameras, people, lightening, rain, leaving the house.  But she was our dog.  Whatever person had her before us probably beat her.  We put up with her neurosis for many years.  And as bad as she was, I will say, I'm going to miss that brown little dog.  She was sweet.  She was bad.  She was ours.  And now, she's in heaven with Beamer.  They're probably happy together running around, or swimming together in the early morning hours.  Or Wyli is probably hiding under my bed while Beamer runs and plays.  Whatever makes her happy.  So long, Worst Dog in America.  You were a good girl, and we love you.

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