Monday, May 13, 2013

Kinder 12x12 Layout

No, these pictures were not put on the page super-crooked.  Since the great "Computer Debacle" as I'm calling it, I had to get the new version of photoshop.  That means I can't figure out the new crop tool, which in turn means that it looks like the pictures were put on the layout crooked.  Yes, I am aware  that was a run-on sentence.  Also more great news, my oven doesn't work.  That's right my brand new oven failed 20 days outside of the manufacturer's warranty!   Oh, and JoJo is a bad little boy who makes giant messes:  he peed on the floor (the rug by the toilet) this morning because he was get this:  itchy!  Anyhow, I made him wash the rugs and he tells me, "I like doing laundry."  So much for punishment!  Hope your day was better than mine.

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