Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life Day 3

Tuesday, April 24:
I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed.  I guess I never realized the impact bad sleep had on me.  Thank you, Allegra D.  The morning went as usual.  Me getting the boys ready, and going off to school.  Erik coming home from work and sleeping.  He was a bit late calling me this morning.  It was a busy night last night.  Wolfie had his field trip to NMSU and after school he had tennis.  Maddie spent his after school time watching Zumba.  He dances Zumba on Monday’s and Wednesdays.  After work, I came home and started working on photos.  Erik and JoJo went for an oil change and car wash.  For dinner we had “Crabby Patties”  aka Salmon Patties.  I am hoping it will be years before the kids find out this information.  And dare I say, “Thank You, Sponge Bob?”  The boys have no clue about the salmon.  Which I’m sure they would hate if I told them the entire truth.  Thank  Goodness for white lies and parenting.  We had fresh corn on the cob and artichoke with the salmon patties.  The boys love artichokes.  They ripped into this one like a pack of wild animals.  Which is how most meals go if they enjoy them.  And also, I would like to understand why after injuring my fourth toe my pinkie toe is numb all of the sudden.  

On the way home.

He will so appreciate my sickness in the years to come!

 At the carwash!

 JoJo got a splinter while digging a hole in the yard.

 "Crabby Patties" wink wink

My night time TV...Jeremy Wade is my show of choice before bed.  It's hard without Erik here so this is what I fall asleep to every night.

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