Friday, April 6, 2012

I love the Desert

I know there are a lot of people who don't think the desert is a beautiful place.  They may think it's barren and dull and ugly.   And to each his own.  But, I absolutely love this place.  This is my home.  Where I can see for miles and miles.  Where the sun is hot and bright.  Where you can walk outside and feel instant heat in the summer.  The heat slaps you in the face and encases your body like a hot and long hug.  I love that.  And in the summer, I love when the clouds roll in and get puffy and big and heavy with rain.  And the lightning dances across the sky.  And the wind blows cool air in to relieve the hot, hot day.  

I love my New Mexico sun.  I took this picture this morning for a photo shoot...and I love the mountains in the background and the way the light shines through the photo.  I love that it makes me feel so at home.  It makes me think of people traveling long ago in the desert with no water and finding this magical place.  With mountains and shade and a waterfall.  And it makes me appreciate my home and where I live.

If I don't get back this weekend, I wish you all a very happy Easter.  Thank the good Lord for all he has given us!

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