Friday, April 27, 2012

Week in the Life Day 4

Wednesday, April 25

Today I got sleep in 10 minutes later.  I had a workshop at Central Office.  It’s nice to have trainings, because it means I get to go out for lunch and I get an entire hour.  Not just a 30 minute cram your food down your throat lunch.  We went to the same awesome restaurant we usually go to, The Magic Pan.  I had a sandwich, called Merlins choice.  I always order it when I go there.  I think the meat is turkey.  I should pay attention more, but I do know that it tastes delicious.  After the workshop, I picked up the boys at school.  We went home and cleaned up a bit.  My mom stopped by to tell me that my grandmother had been taken to the hospital in an ambulance the night before. They wanted to do some scans to see if she had a stroke but she refused them.  She was released, and has a doctors appointment for Friday.  My dad came by shortly after and attempted to destroy our stove in the first five minutes of his visit.  He kept lighting the burners and making them all make noises.  I told him our stove worked perfectly fine until he started using it.  He chased the boys around the house for a few minutes and then left.  Erik and I enjoyed the rest of our evening.  We had egg salad for dinner.  It’s pretty hot in the house to cook a five course meal.  

 On our way to the garage

 Workshop hand out and student work

After school...Erik and JoJo were resting.

Running around like animals with Grandpa

 Dinner:  Egg salad and fresh spinach from the garden.
 Eating dinner
Doing homework

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