Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week in the Life Days 1 & 2...and the Winner!!!

Hi, Everyone!  I just want to thank all of those who participated in the Ecoscrabook Blog Hop.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks to those of you who left comments.  I had 9 entries so I just entered everyone in the drawing even if they were participating in the blog hop too.  The winner is!!!!!

Cathy!!! You are the winner!!!  Please email me your address at mariahashbaugh@hotmaildotcom.  

Now one to a Week in the Life...and boy has this week been busy.  So busy, that I've gotten only a few photos :(  I'm not off to a great start.  Since I will be putting the photos in my Project Life Album, I decided to type up a little summary each day of the week.  I will either write or print them out to add to the album.  So here goes:

Day 1:  Sunday, April 22

Today did not go as planned.  It was Murphy’s law from the beginning.  Starting with the fact that I was participating in a blog hop, and the link never posted.  We got prepared for Wolfie’s First Holy Communion and Maddie’s 7th birthday.  Wolfie had a bit of trouble  with his First Holy Communion.  He was a bit upset about some things that he overheard a kid saying.  Despite that, I was still so proud and overcome with emotion after he made his First Holy Communion (even though I wanted to kill him at the same time).  Maddie’s birthday was at Chucke E. Cheeses.  My mom (Nana) went to pick up the cake and it was tiny.  The store apparently made a mistake and give us a tiny 6 inch round cake.  We made due, and the kids had a fun time.  That evening before bed, we had a talk with Wolfie about the day.  We talked about not letting things bother you.  That it only matters what the people who love you most think about you.  I wrote him a little letter, and he wrote me back.  Erik and I might start a journal with him to communicate back and forth with each other.  After everyone was settled in for the night, Murphy’s law struck again.  I stubbed my toe on the table.  It hurt, I didn’t think it was that bad.  Well, I was wrong.  It was actually pretty bad.  I could barely sleep between my toe and my horrible allergies.

Erik getting Wolfie's clothes ready.

Wolfie with his Godparents:  My brother Josh and Auntie Val

 Maddie hamming it up on the big screen.

 This cake is actual size....hahaha.

 Maddie is so dramatic!

Day 2:  Monday, April 23

As a small disclaimer....I am extremely disgusted in the amount of photos I took today.  I actually took over 200 but all but 4 were for an engagement session.  

What a whirlwind day.  I woke up to Wyli digging in the dishes and excruciating pain in my toe.  I got the boys up and dressed for school.  I almost called in because I could barely walk and I slept horrible because of my Allergies and toe problem.  The kids went to school, Erik went to bed.  But, we did get our stove today!  Erik got it all hooked up and we tested it.  And cheap me is too cheap to turn on the air conditioner.  So we’re boiling in here.  Erik and I cooked dinner.  Posole and bean burritos.  Then I left for an engagement shoot.  I got home and Erik had the kids in bed.  I was suffering from an allergy attack and finally broke down and took some Allegra D.  About 10:00 some people came and asked to get our old stove off of the street.  Apparently, people drive around the night before the grappler comes and pick up everybody’s trash.  This solves the mystery of why I’ve never seen anyone have anything for the grappler to pick up besides yard waste.  Can’t blame people for being resourceful, I guess. 

The new stove!!!

Me realizing that the stove is highly reflective.

This room was clean 10 seconds ago.  This is what 3 boys can do in 10 seconds.

 My guard dog...she came with me to the door and barked profusely at the lady who wanted the old stove.  I love her.  She is so protective of us.

 Proof that I am indeed cheap.

The new stove all in place...wow this photo is pretty blurry.

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