Thursday, July 23, 2009

Work is not fun

I have been busy the last 4 days so that is why I have not posted. I started work on Monday with a three day workshop. I thought workshops were supposed to be more helpful. After attending, I'm just more confused than ever. Today, I went to set up my classroom. The janitors cleaned my room, and the furniture was everywhere. So I drug all of the bookcases and tables and everything back into place. It was so exhausting. I have all of the major furniture placed except for my table because the filing cabinent is in the way and there is just no way I can move it by myself. Anyhow...I was so tired, and I couldn't bare to stay another two hours while the kids napped. I came up with the bright idea of picking them up and then going home to take a nap. It sounded so fun.

Well, we got home and JoJo insisted on walking into the house. So I put him down. I shut the car door and then I heard crying, because JoJo decided the car muffler looked like something that needed to be grabbed. So of course he burned his hand and was screaming hysterically. Did I get my nap? No I did not because I had to take him to the doctor and get him all bandaged up. He is doing better, and the burn wasn't serious. He does look funny with his bandage so I will take pictures of it and him and post them.

As an aside why is it while I'm on duty Maddox has managed to break his collar bone, Wolfie busted his chin open, and JoJo grabbed a muffler? I swear I'm not neglectful.

I haven't gotten any scrapbooking done. When I do, I will post it. Take care.

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