Monday, June 24, 2013

When your cat gets stuck in a tree...

...You get the perfect opportunity for photos.  Apparently, she climbed the tree to get away from Mazzie.  She wouldn't let me get her down.  She kept hissing and clawing at my face and hands.  So, I decided to take some pictures of her instead.  It seemed like a fair trade: photos for clawing at your face.

They actually turned out to be the best ones I've ever taken of her because she was holding still.  After I took the pictures I figured I would let her simmer down.  I waited five minutes and went back out and she was gone.  Apparently, she wasn't stuck after all.  And all of the clawing/hissing was her way of telling me she could handle the situation on her own.  She is a strange animal.  I would also like it noted that no animals were harmed in this adventure.

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