Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week in the Life Day 5

Today, Erik went to work.  I stayed home and worked on things around the house.  This evening, I was to go to the store, however, there was supposed to be a huge storm coming in.  It was a 100 percent chance of golf ball sized hail.  I just ran down the street to get a few things for dinner.  I took Erik's truck as I didn't want my car to be damaged by the hail.  Let me just say that meteorologists are liars.  Liars!  We didn't even get a drop of rain.  We need it so badly.  So, we just hung out in the yard, as usual.

Mazzie has been a little bad lately, she's had a setback in her potty training.  And she may or may not have started digging in the toilet for water.  She was used to having a pool at her old place.  I wish she would realize pools are a far cry from toilets.  She is doing well with her training, as far as sit, down, leave it, etc.  She is also so very sweet.  I am willing to over look the toilet debacle.  Her and Jill are such good friends.  Jill is very happy to have another dog to play with.  The boys love her so much.  Fluffy (the cat) is still having quite an adjustment to her.  I'm hoping they'll work it out soon.

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