Saturday, June 8, 2013

Week in the Life Day 3

Day 3/Wednesday:

Erik had to go in this morning for his shift bid.  He got the same shift as last year.  He took the last spot on days, so that was good.  After that, we packed up and headed to the lake for our first trip of the summer.  It was Murphy's Law of camping, let me tell you.  Our hose to fill the water tank under the trailer was broken.  When we inserted the hose, water just sprayed all over the ground.  So, Erik had to get under the trailer and hold the hose closed with his hands.  We get to the lake, and set up the trailer.  When Erik puts up the kitchen, water starts spraying everywhere...the faucet broke off.  Erik is yelling to turn off the pump.  I'm running around screaming, "Where is the pump, where is the pump?"  Then I told myself to calm down, and suddenly I remembered where the switch was.  So, that means no water for us.  Then, I asked Erik if the toilet would still work.  He said it was on a separate pump.  Thank Goodness....or so we thought, when five minutes later JoJo announces he has to go poo.  He uses the toilet, and guess what?  It doesn't work.  So, here we are, with no water, no toilet.  It's like having a big fancy tent.  Oh, and JoJo still needed to use the restroom quite often. We got everything set up, and decided to take the boat out.  We spent the entire rest of the day out on the boat.  We came in at dusk, and made hotdogs on the fire in the dark.  We caught five fish, but Erik didn't want to clean them, so we let them go.  The boys went off to bed, and Erik and I stayed up for a bit.  When we went to bed, the wind came up, and it was FREEZING!!!  We were worried about the boat blowing out.  Erik got up and checked it at some point, and came in realizing the water had dropped a foot since we beached the boat so it was not going anywhere.  He got up early with the dogs, and I laid in bed trying to catch up on some sleep.  He said it took ten minutes for him to get the boat off the beach due to the water level dropping.  Here are some of the pictures from the day.  There were a ton and I didn't want to convert them all over to jpegs.

 In the car on the way down.  
Jill using the console as a pillow

 Mazzie had a blast at the lake

 Time for a break

 Mazzie's first time on the boat.  She pretty much slept the whole time.

 First fish of Summer!!!!

 Wolfie's first fish!  It was a huge bass.

 JoJo checking the fish on the fish finder.  He had to let everyone know if there were fish.

 On the way in!

 Wolf taking us back to camp.

Around the campfire.  JoJo and Erik were playing with the flashlights.

I'll be back tomorrow with Day 4.

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