Friday, June 7, 2013

Week in the Life Day 2

Hi, there everyone!  Sorry, I missed two days.  Don't worry I was still taking pictures.  Erik and I decided to out to the lake for the night.  It's our first trip since last July!!!  It has been that long.  We decided to go since we probably won't be going Tiger Muskie fishing anytime soon.  We missed because poor little JoJo was sick.  He's doing much better, now, though.  I will post Day 3 and Day 4 photos together probably.

Day 2/Tuesday:

Today, was pretty much the same as yesterday.  Except that lovely menu I spent hours on was completely gone!!!  Erased.  I had to start typing it all over.  So Erik and I worked on it for a while.  I made a list for the store and for camping.  The boys went swimming.  I worked on the garden in the evening, pulling weeds and watering.

 Frozen Pizza for Lunch...don't be jealous.


 Me in the garden

 Huge lady bug I found in my Morning Glories

 JoJo demonstrating his command of the remote, a newfound skill.

 Wolfie and Maddie in the pool.

 Watering the garden

 Erik pulling weeds

Erik taking out the Birds of Paradise.  :(

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