Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week in the Life Day 1


Those were my words for today.  It has been a hard weekend...well since last Wednesday, that JoJo was sick.  Between the new dog and JoJo I have cleaned up more poop and washed more towels than I ever have in my life.  This morning I had to take JoJo back to the doctor for a checkup.  Since he was feeling much better, I was able to do some things I needed to get done around the house.  Like wash hopefully my last load of towels for a while.  I also cleaned up a bit, caught up on some of my work, and checked some of the 350 new emails I had.  I also had to take the dogs to the vet this afternoon.  Two dogs, and three kids, by yourself is a fun time.  Jill was fine...as usual, but Mazzie pooped in the car on the way, and jumped around like a wild animal in the vet because she wanted to play with everyone...dogs and people.  We were there until 6 o clock....our appointment was at 3:45.  Thank goodness Erik came to help me after he got off work.  When we got home, we hung around outside and had dinner.  JoJo and I played on his ABC Mouse and then the kids were off to bed.  Erik and I stayed up until midnight working on the Damsite Menu.  So that was Day 1.  I didn't get a lot of pictures.  It'll be a new day tomorrow, right?  Oh and my Mariphone photos are foggy because I have cracked the back of her.

 Jill and Mazzie at the vet

We got a Wyli's ashes back today.  They were put in a very nice urn and they gave us an paw print.  The vet staff signed the card.  It was nice.

 Jill and Mazzie sharing the elk sheds.

 The first green pepper of the season.

 JoJo likes to be carried to bed in his Monkey Blankets

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