Sunday, June 16, 2013

Three Ways to Devastate your Father on Fathers' Day

Yes, that is correct.  Below, I will list three ways to devastate your very own father on Fathers' Day...

#1  Tell your father you are getting married.  (Remember Father of the Bride?)  Yes, this will ruin any father's day.  The day your father realizes that you will no longer "belong" to him.  That he will have to give you away, unless you live in a country where you receive a dowry...this will be a bad day for him.  But then, he will realize that you probably made a good choice for your husband, and your wedding day will be one of the best day's of his life.

#2  Tell your dad you are pregnant.  (Again, reference Father of the Bride...part 2?)  Your father will never be thrilled with this prospect.  Never.  He will wish you purchased more pets or something to hold you over.  But then, he will see your babies, his grandchildren.  He will love them like crazy.  They will teach him to be a kid again.  He will play with actual toys and buy toys from his childhood to share with them.  He will teach them bad habits and how to misbehave.  You won't be able to go to a restaurant without yelling at your father to settle down.  He will be a giddy kid and you will ask yourself, "What happened to my father, that responsible, serious guy?"  Because he will never be the same the day your children grace the Earth.  He will be better.  He will strive to be better, and he will be a changed man.

That's my dad with the rockets in the upper left corner.

#3  Get a tattoo.  This actual fact will tear your father's last bit of heart out.  I witnessed it first hand today.  Please note, I got my tattoo in February.  My dad showed up at 7 am at my in law's house as I was sleeping on an air mattress in the garage...with the garage door open.  This sounds pretty redneck, but hey, that's the way we roll.  Anyhow, you will chit chat and then he will notice the tattoo on your finger.  The one that usually goes under your wedding ring, which you take off at night when you sleep.  His actual face will drop and looked pained.  This is no joke.  I've seen it twice before.  When I told him I was getting married, and when I told him I was pregnant (Not on Fathers' Day).  It actually took me two or three years to make the decision to get a tattoo.  It's Erik's initials.  I feel pretty safe that they won't have to be erased since we've been together 17 years and married for 12.  I think my dad will get over it.  I just don't think it will be as rewarding as the first two ways to devastate your father.  But hey, I'm 32 years old.  My dad is a great father.  I love him dearly.  I do wish him a very Happy Fathers' Day.
My's not that bad.

And, I can't forget my husband, Erik.  He is the most wonderful, loving husband and father.  He makes me a better person.  Every day!  He is the man that every father hopes their daughter ends us with.  We have a very happy life together with our three boys.  I love him, and I wish him a Happy Fathers' Day as well. I'm pretty sure at this point, he's glad he has sons.

Happy Fathers' Day!

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