Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some Book Recommendations

I have to say, I have about read myself out of books.  Nothing sounds particularly interesting to me right now.  I have been reading slowly but surely rewarding my effort for cleaning out my entire house. (I read a chapter, clean...read another chapter...clean)  Yes, I said valiant.  Have you seen my house lately?  It's a wreck!  I have probably twenty loads of laundry to go.  We've been cleaning out our tent trailer...lots of blankets and sleeping bags.  I've cleaned out my closet...waist-high pile of laundry.  Plus, just our day to day laundry.  I am pleased with the work so far.  Our closet, bathroom, and bedroom have been thoroughly cleaned out.  Clutter is gone, and they look spotless.  Maybe someday, I will get a new bedroom set so my room doesn't look like some mismatched college dorm, or poor bachelor pad.  I have to say, I am in post Wyli mode.  She ruined a lot of things around here.  I am also in puppy mode.  Mazzie loves to chew.  I am waiting until she is fully potty trained and stops chewing the underside of my bed before I buy a new bedroom set.  I can see the light, people!  I can. see. the. light.  So, anyhow, back to reading.  Here are a few books I've read so far this summer that I find worthwhile to share with you.  Again, know that I read a lot of books.  I only share the ones that I like here.  The ones I think are worth your time.  Trust me, I've read some that are not so great.

Loved this one.  I actually got butterflies in my tummy for a minute.

I really, really liked this one!  The characters were GREAT!  I love Shey Stahl.  She is a sports centered writer.  Nascar, hockey, motocross...sigh.  I think I'm going to watching Hockey this upcoming season ;)

This book is HILARIOUS!  I mean you will laugh, and laugh, and laugh.  It's from a man's point of view and I found it very entertaining.  I highlighted tons of quotes from this book.  Erik was upset with me because he said the author is a man hater.  He says good men don't act this way.  The book is told from the perspective of a manwhore.  Then, he meets the girl of his dreams.  You have to read this book so good!

This is a great book!  I loved the romantic suspense, as well as the actual suspense and mystery!  Very good.  

This is the sequel to There is No Light In Darkness...I liked this one even better then the first one.  Read these two books.  You won't be sorry!

I really enjoyed this book.  It's about a fat girl, who isn't fat anymore.  Yes, she still thinks she's fat.  She is pining away for her true love so she decides to have a "practice" relationship with a player.  I really loved the writing style.  Who doesn't love books set in England?  I laughed and cried!  This was a good one.

Okay, I guess that's all for now.  I will go through my other book posts to see what other books I might be missing.

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