Friday, June 28, 2013

Random Mariphone Photos

I downloaded my phone pics today, so I thought I would share a few random photos.  Mariphone is not taking good photos at this time so I apologize.  Val gave me her old iPhone, but you have to get the stupid little button to lock the device instead of pushing the top button.  I'm deciding if it's worth it or not.  So anyhow, here are the pics.

 There is a bee in one of the flowers on the top left.  They stick their whole body inside the flowers.

 Huge wind storm that came up while we were on the lake.  We took refuge behind an island until it passed.

 JoJo playing in his hamper.
 Maddie boy relaxing on the raft.
 Smoke from the Silver Fire which is now over 100,000 acres.  This is a series of pictures as the day progressed.  Also if you see that white dot, which is another camp.  That guy got his truck stuck down to the frame in the muck because the water is dropping so fast.  We tried pulling him out with Erik's parent's jeep and our car.  We were all hooked up to no avail.  Then, he called out a "professional"  one of those huge Army trucks.  They couldn't get him out either.  I don't feel so bad now.  I have to say our pride was a little hurt.  We've never not been able to pull someone out when they were stuck.

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