Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project Life: January (plus a real gem!)

Let's just start with this Gem of a photo....

 I know that you all wish you could have a family photo like this.  It is called last minute procrastination.  I decided that we were completely screwed for the best light, nice family photo.  Therefore, I made the best of a bad situation.  Since we were all sick, I decided let's put the medication out front and center as well as the box of Kleenex.  We actually took some serious photos....but none were as funny as this one.  Because who doesn't love a 4 year old holding a serious looking toy gun and bunny ears behind their very own head?  Nobody...that's right!  All kidding aside, this picture will at least be recorded and we will be able to see how we've all grown and changed during the year.

And now to the Project Life spread for January...I am just showing you the basic layout.  I will add an 8.5x11 layout in the middle, but it is not done yet.  Erik picked up the photos for me this afternoon and I haven't had time to complete the layout.  I will share tomorrow.  Please excuse the poor photos...I had to use my lights and my flash...they don't make for the best color.  I do know that I LOVE this project and I LOVE this layout!  I know that we are all going to appreciate this so much in the years ahead.

I have learned so many things this month about life and friendship.  I wish you all a good evening.


  1. that is a gem of a photo! Real life...documented! I could use some of those meds about now.

    1. Thanks, Lynn... I'm so glad you get my humor! Hope you start feeling better, but I'll be glad to send the antibiotics and pink eye medicine your way :)



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