Thursday, February 23, 2012

JoJo You...

JoJo You Are:

•A "Mota" boy...that is short for Kabota.  You want your very own Mota for our house.  Every time we drive by the Kabota Dealership you actually get upset that you can't have one.

•You want to be a backhoe, or an excavator operator when you grow up.

•You also want to be a Police Officer when you grow up.  You asked me yesterday if you get turn into one and I told you when you grow up.  Then you asked if you could grow up now.  I told you No, and you got upset that you couldn't grow up right that instant.  But you want to be a police officer so you can have a taser, a gun, and handcuffs, and a police car.

•You love to eat blueberries and salad.  

•You are so helpful.  You always want to help me do stuff around the house.

•You are my forklift.  When I do laundry and need towels put away, I yell, "Forklift."  You come running down the hall making tractor noises with your arms extended and get the towels and take them to the closet.

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