Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just Jump (12x12 layout)

Supplies are from the Studio Calico Monthly Kit (Don't know which one...)

Journaling reads:  Water, Water Everywhere...All summer long.  If you are not outside in your underwear, in the water, then it's not summer!

We've had quite a sick spell around here.  Wolfie, Erik, and I were all sick last week.  Yesterday and today, Erik got sick again, and JoJo is sick too.  There is so much sickness going on around this place and at school.  I have yet to take our family photo for January, but don't worry...I have 8 more hours until February...I'll come up with something.  Procrastinator is my middle name...

And moving onto Project Life...I'm actually on top of that.  I will post the main layout tomorrow.  I have a few mini layouts to add as I have apparently taken too many photos for January.  I will try to get those done in a timely manner, but I need photos printed for them.  Walgreens should really love me because I'm going there even though I am NOT entirely happy with their prints AT ALL.  But it's near my house, which proves Location is key.  And also, I want to get layouts done.  I'm really excited about this project.  For sure, I will post the main page tomorrow.  How are you guys doing with this project (for those of you doing it)?  

Have a good evening!

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