Monday, February 13, 2012

Holiday Sale/And The Wall is Not Your Friend...Ouch!

 Save Save Save!
Out with the with the new! 

It's time to say good-bye to some of our old favorites to make way for some all new product
 **Starting today Monday February 12, 2012 all Halloween, Fall and Christmas products will be discounted 25% off. As seasonal products sell out they will not be reordered so be sure to take advantage of these sale prices now!  

**We will also be slashing prices further is our clearance area so be sure to check out these great prices 

To order go to my website:  

And Check this poor little boy out:

This is what happens when you run into a wall at full speed.   The boys were running around chasing each other last night and all of the sudden we hear a big bang, and Wolfie yell, "Are you okay?"  Then he came running into the bedroom to tell us that Maddie was bleeding.  The poor thing...he sat on the couch with me for 40 minutes, and his mouth was still bleeding.  His gums above his teeth are really bruised, and he almost bit through his bottom lip.  The poor kid hasn't eaten much today because his mouth hurts.  I feel so bad for him.

I'll be back tomorrow to post a layout...a Valentine's Day one.  Can you believe it?  I can't.  I'm usually not up with the holidays until ten months later.  

And, I guess I'll wait on our family photo until Maddie's lip returns to normal size.  I wanted to do something cute this month.  

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