Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two Must Reads

This book was so well written.  I read this book with a lump in my throat for over half of the book.  My synopsis...Emmy, the main character, falls in love with two men at the same time.  The love triangle tears her apart at the seams.  It is so good.

Here is Amazon's synopsis:

Emmy thinks her boss Kyle Sterling of Sterling Corporations is a dick.
So, she sleeps with him.

Emmy tries to put the mistake behind her, but then finds herself snowed in with Kyle. As the snow builds, so does the heat in the house between the two. The problem is that Kyle has a steady girlfriend that he is unwilling to break up with. Emmy cuts Kyle off and starts dating Luke. Even as their relationship takes off, Emmy is finding Kyle hard to shake. He is blatant in his feelings and desires for Emmy, putting her in an awkward situation. She tries hard to resist Kyle, but deep down inside Emmy's motives are shady. When Emmy succumbs to her hidden feelings for Kyle without setting Luke free, devastating consequences ensue.

In addition to her two men, Emmy daydreams about doing violent things to her loud mouthed, opinionated mother.

With drama, romance, some humor, and plenty of alcohol, follow Emmy as she deals with the consequences of "accidentally on purpose" falling for two men at once. 

This book pissed me off!  I don't mean because it ends in a cliffhanger.  I was fully warned of that going in.  It's because the characters made me really upset.  This is such a good story.  It is full of flawed characters, all with their own secrets.  Such a good story.  After reading this book, I stewed about it for days.  I was just so mad.  I think the next book comes out in March and I am awaiting it's electronic download.

Amazon's synopsis:
This book is Erotica. It is crazy, beautiful, drama filled and in parts morally incorrect. IT DOES HAVE A CLIFFHANGER ENDING, but I assure you the series will end in HEA. It does contain bikers and rockstars, so therefore a different lifestyle, so please if this isn't your thing, don't purchase it. You have been warned - ENJOY!!

Violet has been raised in a world with bikers, rough men and separated parents. The only savior in her world, was her love for Travis, her best friend. They grew up together, creating a hopeless friendship against all odds. Then he left, with no goodbye, no explanation.

Travis went on and became a successful rockstar, Violet moved on and thought she was finally over it. Then Travis returns and tugs on her heart strings all over again. She finds it hard to say no, she is different now...she isn't the girl he once adored; dark things have happened to her. What if she isn't what he believes he wants so badly?

Come on Travis and Violet's journey of love, heartache and all the things in between.


I would also like to add that I downloaded these books for Free.  I find the freebies on Maryse's Book Blog.  I don't believe they are free now, but Accidentally on Purpose is 99 cents.  Who can't afford that?  Enjoy your day.  I've been home with sickies for 4 days this last week.  Thank goodness for three day weekends, however!

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