Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year...and a few Denver Pics

This is a day late, I guess.  Erik and I were out of town.  I gave Erik tickets to the Broncos v Chiefs game for Christmas.  I had to tell him earlier in the year so he could get the time off :(.  We spent our New Years in Denver.  We went out for dinner and Benihana and then back to our hotel.  We were in by 10 pm.

 Most Downtrodden Fan Ever

This is my favorite photo of the whole trip.  This guy actually wore Chiefs clothing to the game.  There was not one other Chiefs fan in the vicinity.  At the end of the game, I took his picture.  That is his friend mocking him in the background.  Downtrodden fan, as I call him, actually loved the picture, so I got his email address and sent him the picture.
 Peyton Manning! I just mostly took pictures of him during the game.  I just wished I'd brought my zoom lens.
 First Denver Drive of the game...Touchdown!
 More Manning
 Erik and I before the game.
 Erik and I at Benihana
 Erik and I before the game.
 Erik and I in downtown Denver at the 16th Street Mall.
And meanwhile, my parents and Erik's parents watched the kids.  My dad took my boys to my Grandma's house.  This is a picture with 8 of her Great Grandchildren.  I love this picture!  I love how they all sort of look alike too.

Happy New Year, Kids!  I'll post later with my Project Life Album for 2012...I've been a little busy trying to get everything picked up, washed, and put away!

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