Monday, October 3, 2011

At Last...Pics from our Colorado Trip

Let's pretend this happened last week...though it didn't.  I've just never posted pictures.  This was our first trip without Erik.  He had just started the Police Academy, and he couldn't go.  My boys had to go, though, to meet their German relatives.  ***Photos are in reverse order***

All of us at Wally's


 See the thrill in these kid's faces?  Later one of these glasses of water would land in my Mother-in-Law's lap.  Thank you, Waiter, for not getting the water on my camera.

Telluride is seriously dangerous skiing.  I will never attempt skiing in this location...I would never survive.  I will probably never ski as it is.  I just wanted to state it for the record.

 Waterfall outside of Telluride
 Just outside of Telluride
 Bank Robbery...right across the street from our motel...It's exciting people.  

When you come from the desert, you don't know what snow is and that's why you go barefoot in it, or wear flip-flops.

 No makeup, 9 hour drive...cut me some slack, people.  (Red Mountain Pass.)
Driving over Red Mountain

I'll be back later today with some more posts...I'm really behind.

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