Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Post #300

JoJo pigging out on a lollipop given to him by the people in the next picture.

Some old people down by the river...j/k...Erik's grandparents, who by the way are still young at heart.

 Maddie went on a fieldtrip this week.  He's somewhere in there with the 150 other kids.
 Playing in the yard.

Please note that the photos above really have nothing to do with this post.  I just didn't want to do a pictureless post.  Also, the photos are from Mariphone.  You've already met her.  This is my 300th post!  Isn't that exciting?  It's just a random one.  I just wanted to let you know that I want to start crafting again.  I really, really do.  I haven't made anything in months.  I just HATE my office right now.  The kids come in here and trash it.  Plus, we have extra furniture in here now.  And the corner is full of random stuff that shouldn't be in here.  So, I'm going to clean this place out.  I'm going to do it and get rid of stuff I DON'T want in here.  I also have a lot of paper that I don't use anymore, and I get more monthly with the kits I subscribe to.  What I'm saying is I need to make room in here.  So, please stay tuned for some giveaways on here.  I'm going to give away the paper and supplies I don't need or use anymore.  It won't be junkie, I promise.  I also wanted to leave you with just a few of JoJo's cute quotes.  My boys say the most crazy things sometimes and I share them on Facebook.  I just wanted to share a few here.  So here you go:

*On Fall Break JoJo came running out of the bathroom screaming that there was a cockroach in the bathroom.  (It was actually a beetle)  I asked him if it was dead or alive.  He said it was still working.  Which I guess to him, means still alive.

*JoJo got some handcuffs in a goody bag from his  Great Grand Parents.  He calls them his "arresters" or also his "handcuffers"  He likes to arrest people, at home and daycare.

*A few months ago, Maddie pinched Wolfie.  I asked him, "Why did you do that?"  He said, "Because you said after I cleaned my room I could do whatever I wanted."

*Things I never thought I would have to say: "Wolfie, don't throw cats at people!  They have claws!"  Next one:  "Wolfie, stop chasing your brother with a rake in the house!"  And, "JoJo, why are you playing with the tweezers in the sandbox?" 

Have a good night :)

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