Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday iPhone Fun

I took a few pictures this week with Mariphone.  We spent a lot of time outside this week.  The weather has been sooo nice.  We had a cold front move in the other day.  We even got a little bit of rain.

The cutest police officer, EVER!!!  Do you know how many times he's said "I'm a police officer.  What's Dad going to be?  A prisoner?"  I can't wait until Halloween.

 Seriously???  You have to warn people that a taser can shock you and incapacitate someone?  Isn't that what they're for?

 Maddie's hideous costume.  I look 10 in this photo.  It must be the graininess?  Or maybe it's the mask? Maybe to look younger and less wrinkled you should have your husband, friend, child, etc. wear one too.
Wolfie doing cool Ninja tricks

JoJo with "JoJo" the body that his daycare lady traced.  I put "JoJo" in timeout too.  The real JoJo got a kick out of that one.

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