Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oops, I did it again...

*Please excuse the poor photos in the post.  The photos in the layout are no longer available due to a computer crash, and I was too lazy to pull the page out of the page protector.
This is a layout I did a long time ago portraying Maddie's broken collarbone that he received at Open Gym.  The first time I ever took three boys anywhere, he had to roll off of a mat that was three inches high and break his collarbone.  As soon as he fell he started crying and wanted an icepack.  I had JoJo in one of those sling things you carry 10 day old babies in.  I told Maddie he was fine and that "this place doesn't have any icepacks."  It turns out not only did they have icepacks, but they were cute bunny shaped icepacks.  After a grilling from the doctor about what happened to him...it was terrible and I finally got mad and told them they could go ahead and call the facility about it because there was a report...it was discovered that he fractured his collarbone.

You can barely see Maddie in the corner picture with his ridiculous brace on.  He is laughing at himself in the picture.

And here we go again...same arm, same facial expression, different brace.

He got tackled at recess by Julian who he says is not his friend.  He was at lunch, but apparently now that he's out of PE and recess for six weeks, he's not.  

From past experience, I know I have two days of good behavior...after that he'll be back to his old self again.

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