Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog Your Heart

This will be a monthly theme, as prompted by Stephanie Howell.  I did this last month.  And it's time again.

1.  Let's start out lighthearted and fun.  I LOVE Apple products.  Truly, I can't thank Steve Jobs enough.  They really are truly the best inventions ever.  Erik and I can buy music and it automatically downloads through iCloud.  Not only that, but now all iPhone users get free text messages through iMessage if they update.  Apple products are a true product of human genius.  I mean if you really think about...could you ever be so creative as to change the world?

Now to more serious business:

2.   Wolfie has been having a bit of trouble.  I received a call from his catechism teacher.  She said that he couldn't behave and I needed to come and pick him up.  So I did.  It's really embarrassing, especially if you're a teacher.  The catechism teacher doesn't know that I'm a teacher.  She just treats me like a second class a child that misbehaves.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true.  Then this week she texted me because he hadn't been picked up.  The only problem was that my husband was there, at the church, and they let my husband out late at the parent meeting.  So he was there.  But I just don't appreciate the attitude.  It makes me feel like an irresponsible parent.  Anyhow, back to the previous Sunday (with the phone call)...I grounded him.  Except for apparently it didn't work because he also got a pink slip from a teacher at school about his behavior.  One more pink slip and it's a write up.  I can't help but think what is wrong with him.  He has such a stubborn streak.  It's been there ever since I can remember.  I also worry that he is too smart.  I know that probably sounds ridiculous.  I'm a teacher and so I know that many people want their kids to be "Gifted."  They want there kids to be tested to show how smart they are.  I'm not saying I want Wolfie to be less smart.  I just don't want to have the problems associated with a highly intelligent child.  I'm not saying he's gifted because he's mine.  It's because he is and it's causing problems.  Everything has to be done in a linear way for him.  If it diverges from his plan, then he has a major problem with it.  This probably makes no sense.  All I'm trying to say is I want my kid to be normal and stop getting in trouble.

3.  Erik's Job:  I find his job highly rewarding.  I know that he does too.  I know that he has helped people and that has given us both a sense of satisfaction.  I like to see him happy.  When he is happy, then I am happy.  I like that he is helping others.  He has spent this week in CID which is an investigation unit...basically detective work.  This week (8 a.m.-4p.m.)  has been a stark contrast to his last 4 weeks.  He had Graveyards for the last four weeks.  It was Hell.  I mean complete and utter Hell.  If he wasn't gone, then he was sleeping.  I was in charge of EVERYTHING.  I feel selfish about that.  However, I also feel that I didn't sign up to be a single mother either.  I didn't sign up to be alone and handle all of the household chores, problems, and happenings.  Then he tells me today that it might be an entire year of graveyards.  How am I supposed to handle that?  Am I supposed to do some happy dance?  Because I'm not happy about that.  I knew going in that the hours would not be easy.  I knew that.  I did.  It's just so HARD.  This is such an adjustment.      

4.  JoJo is completely obsessed with Erik.  Whatever Erik does, he wants to do.  I LOVE this so much.  I want my boys to look up to him and be the man he is.  This Halloween JoJo wants to be a policeman.  His costume is so adorable.  I will share pics later this week.  Erik is going to be his prisoner.

5.  I love my family.  I do.  That doesn't mean my immediate family of three boys and my husband (though I love them more than the world).  I mean my brothers and my dad.  My dad is the smartest man I know.  He has fought his ass off to ensure the success of our family.  I think that he is one of the most loyal people on the Earth.  I think that he is the one responsible for so many of my characteristics.  The good things I see in myself are the things that my dad has always been so adamant about.  There are so many things I say to my children that my dad said to us our entire lives. I think every parent has regrets about things that could have been done better, but I think my dad did a wonderful job.

6.  And as always, I am thankful to this blog.  It is my outlet to share things.  It is my place to remember.  To have a space in my life that I keep.  So that some day I can go back and scrapbook all of this.

Wow, I guess that was pretty heartfelt for one day.  I wish you a Good Night!  

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  1. ugh. harper's teacher gets an attitude with me too and i can't stand it. as a former teacher, i can either be her biggest ally or biggest critic. :)
    and about your husband- you CAN do it. not that you asked, but it's all about attitude. it helps YOU to be positive but it's also a crucial example to set for my kids. i find that i am a better, stronger, person after doing things on my own. and you aren't a single mom! you have a husband you love that is doing something he loves. there's a big difference. you are such a lovely person, i hope you have a beautiful day! xxo



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