Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Me...The Abridged Version

Me in my messy bedroom

I've decided to take the class from Big Picture Scrapbooking taught by Cathy Zielske.  It's called, Me...The Abridged Version.  It's a 4 week class.  You can find the blinkie with a link to the website on the bottom right of this page.  I decided to do this for several reasons.  1.  I think we all forget to tell our own stories.  I know that I mainly scrapbook my kids.  I think my kids will want to know more about me when they're older.  2.  It comes with digital templates.  I'm a traditional scrapbooker, but I might attempt to do this digitally.  Then, It will be done.  We'll see how this goes.  3.  There is going to be a few lessons given about how to use Photoshop Elements 8.0.  I just got 8.0, and I want to be able to brush up on my skills.  I also have a Mac now, and it's a little different.  I want to use the shortcuts and all the other fun stuff that comes with it.  

So, I've watched the pre-class video, downloaded, and printed the tags.  I'm ready to get started.  I'll be sharing along the way.    

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