Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

So, it's a new year...fresh with new possibilities.  I think back to 2000, a decade ago, and so much has changed.  I was 19 then, celebrating New Years on the Strip in Vegas.  This year, as usual (since kids have come along), was spent at home watching TV, playing games, and making Hot Fudge Sundaes.  In this decade, I've gotten married, graduated college, begun my career, and had three beautiful boys.  This year they will be 7, 5, and 3.  I will have a 7 year old child.  That is crazy.  I will have two kids in school.  That is crazy. 

As with every new year, I set resolutions.  Most of which are not kept.  But here are mine for this year:
1.  Be a more consistent parent.
2.  Eat more healthy foods and maybe exercise.
3.  Be a better Scrapbooker and make an album about me!

I am starting an album about me because, I'm always behind the camera, like an observer.  I want to record my thoughts and feelings about things.  I will not always be 29 with small children.  So, part of me wants a small snapshot in time to remember.  So, I'm inviting all of you to start your own album about you.  This is my cover page.  I just wrote three things about myself, along with a picture of me and what I find important.  Next month, I will share another layout with you with a different topic.  If you want to email me your layouts and share them that is fine, too.

So, here is to you and your family.  I wish you all nothing but the best for this new year.

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