Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Stuff

Just wanted to touch base. This is a layout I did yesterday using a layout from Page Maps. This is the first one I have done using Page Maps. I think it turned out okay. We got a new computer so transferring stuff over now is no fun. I will never buy a new computer if I can help it. Most of my pictures are still on the old computer so if I want to work with them I have to use my flash stick to get them. A process that takes at least 10 minutes. I really hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I'll try to get some more stuff up on here for you. When I get a chance, I'll update my links for you.

I am really enjoying the "Thinking Inking" class by Jennifer McGuire. If you visit her blog, you can get the link to take you to the class. Ranger Inks are awesome and are one of my new favorite things. I used them on the page above...around the edges of the brown cardstock. Well, I'm off to see how much more I can get done. Now I'm only 9 months behind!!! Oh, no! I hear crying.

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