Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Dog's Life...

This place has gone to the dogs...Literally.  I thought I would share some funny photos of the dogs.  Training a puppy with older children is really quite an adventure.  They have successful untrained Mazzie in a lot of ways.  For example.

They were letting her beg for food and running through the house with it.  We really had to crackdown on that.

Stuffed animals are no longer safe.  She was carrying this one around like a puppy, but then she also loves to chew on it as well.  Also notice the wood she drug in from inside.

She HAS to get into the pool if the boys are in there.  She will jump up and fall over backwards until we put her in.  She does a lap and then gets out.
My bathroom floor has mainly become a hazard to anyone walking in it.

But it's worth it, I guess.  

Have a Great Day!

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